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-- RichardATrebilcook?

Since the beginning the Kendra Initiative logo has said "Content Delivery Research" but more and more we're talking about an open marketplace for content. What are your thoughts on the strap line?... -- DanielHarris

[Steve Sexton's idea] and [Ed Mangelsdorf's ideas]

Hi guys - just quickly jotted down some light-hearted slogans. Hopefully they'll provoke more thoughts of a serious nature!

Namaste with Love, Light and Laughter,


PS I do hope that I haven't subliminally ventured into known slogan territory...

  1. Helping to open the global mindset.
  2. Co-operating to enable delivery of what you want when you want.
  3. Helping you to open closed markets.
  4. The global village, Open2U
  5. Kendra, aiming to assist the opening of closed markets.
  6. Kendra, a budding system for an evolving marketplace.
  7. Kendra, making a divergent world converge.
  8. Kendra, helping to make sense of the non-sense.
  9. The global marketplace at the tips of your fingers.
  10. Kendra - the Hitchhikers guide to accessing all areas.
  11. Kendra - where talking the same language makes sense.
  12. Kendra, it Kicks [apols couldn't resist...]
  13. You say potatoe, we say padada, Kendra says who cares so long as you understand each other.
  14. Closed markets, if at first you don't succeed, try Kendra.
  15. New markets open2U? smile, and show the world there's a KendraKid around.
  16. Kendra, one school, several teachers, many pupils.
  17. Kendra, evolving a common language in a multilingual market.
  18. Helping business and consumers work at the common denominator.
  19. Kendra helping business and consumers to see the wood for trees.
  20. Out of chaos.....comes Kendra :)

-- RichardATrebilcook?


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