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Kendra Participate Country

This page shows individuals that have, in some way (such as attending a meeting or talking in a discussion list), participated in Kendra Initiative. To join the participants on this page you will need to register here. You will then get an automatic email with your login details and instructions.

Participant Countries | Participants By Country

Participant Countries

Here's a list of all the known countries of participants:

Afghanistan (0 listed and 1 hidden)
Algeria (1 listed and 0 hidden)
Argentina (0 listed and 1 hidden)
Australia (9 listed and 1 hidden)
Austria (0 listed and 1 hidden)
Belgium (11 listed and 0 hidden)
Brazil (1 listed and 0 hidden)
Canada (10 listed and 3 hidden)
China (3 listed and 4 hidden)
Cyprus (3 listed and 0 hidden)
Czech Republic (0 listed and 1 hidden)
Denmark (5 listed and 1 hidden)
Finland (4 listed and 0 hidden)
France (22 listed and 1 hidden)
France, Metropolitan (1 listed and 1 hidden)
Germany (26 listed and 7 hidden)
Greece (6 listed and 0 hidden)
Hong Kong (5 listed and 1 hidden)
India (10 listed and 12 hidden)
Indonesia (2 listed and 0 hidden)
Iran (Islamic Republic Of) (1 listed and 0 hidden)
Ireland (2 listed and 2 hidden)
Israel (2 listed and 2 hidden)
Italy (15 listed and 0 hidden)
Japan (6 listed and 0 hidden)
Korea, Republic Of (1 listed and 0 hidden)
Latvia (2 listed and 0 hidden)
Luxembourg (1 listed and 0 hidden)
Malaysia (3 listed and 0 hidden)
Malta (0 listed and 1 hidden)
Mexico (2 listed and 1 hidden)
Moldova, Republic Of (1 listed and 0 hidden)
Namibia (1 listed and 0 hidden)
Netherlands (36 listed and 15 hidden)
New Zealand (4 listed and 1 hidden)
Nigeria (1 listed and 1 hidden)
Peru (1 listed and 0 hidden)
Poland (3 listed and 0 hidden)
Portugal (3 listed and 0 hidden)
Romania (1 listed and 1 hidden)
Russian Federation (2 listed and 0 hidden)
Saudi Arabia (1 listed and 0 hidden)
Singapore (3 listed and 1 hidden)
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) (1 listed and 0 hidden)
Slovenia (1 listed and 0 hidden)
Spain (12 listed and 0 hidden)
Sweden (12 listed and 1 hidden)
Switzerland (16 listed and 1 hidden)
Taiwan (2 listed and 0 hidden)
Thailand (1 listed and 0 hidden)
Turkey (4 listed and 0 hidden)
Ukraine (2 listed and 0 hidden)
United Arab Emirates (2 listed and 0 hidden)
United Kingdom (589 listed and 259 hidden)
United States (111 listed and 25 hidden)
Virgin Islands (British) (1 listed and 0 hidden)


Participants By Country

And here's a list of the countries with their respective participants:

Afghanistan (0 listed and 1 hidden)

Algeria (1 listed and 0 hidden)

hadj henni mhamed student - INI National intitut of computingscience

Argentina (0 listed and 1 hidden)

Australia (9 listed and 1 hidden)

Brendan Harkin - New Media Network
Darren Menachemson - Individual
David Lowe Associate Dean, Faculty of Engineering - University of Technology, Sydney
Debra Allanson Managing Director - Media & Music Management P/L
Karson Stimson Director - Spin New Media
Marcos Caceres - Individual
Michela Ledwidge Director - MOD Films
Nick Bolton Sales and Marketing Director - Viocorp
Yude Hu - Individual

Austria (0 listed and 1 hidden)

Belgium (11 listed and 0 hidden)

Alejandra Panighi - Alice Production /Grupo Lavinia
Gilles Bindels Sales Director - Belgacom Skynet
Jeroen Keppens IT Manager - Jeropolis
Larry Moffett - e-Strategy
Mark Windy iTV strategist - Individual
Meni Styliadou Director European Government Affairs - Corning
Michel Schwarz Managing Director - Emotion Factory
Pras Anand Project Developer - Social Computer
Regine Lambrecht Technical Coordination Assistant - ASCII S.A.
Roberto Trioschi Web Designer - ASCII S.A.
Stefan Devroey Marketing Director - Belgacom Skynet

Brazil (1 listed and 0 hidden)

Giovanni Moura de Holanda Senior Researcher - Fundacao CPQD

Canada (10 listed and 3 hidden)

Ali Shoja - University of Victoria
Cary Newfeldt - Dotaku
David Debono - EI Consulting Group
David Dee - MacPherson Dee
Greg Lypowy Director, Technology - Trapeze
John Lauder - AVENT
Kirstie Hawkey PhD Candidate - Individual
Marc Gilbert - Radio Canada
Paul Clark executive producer - inspirtainment inc.
Reg Cheramy - Talvae

China (3 listed and 4 hidden)

Genie ZHOU executive - individual
Liao Xiaokui Deputy Executive Chief Editor - SARFT Radio&Television Information
Yong Liu - China University of Political Science and Law

Cyprus (3 listed and 0 hidden)

Denis Pitzalis Researcher Developer - The Cyprus Institute - STARC
Giannis Chrysostomou - Interfusion Services Ltd
Haris Neophytou - InterFusion Services Ltd

Czech Republic (0 listed and 1 hidden)

Denmark (5 listed and 1 hidden)

Lars Thoning Broadband Content - TDC Tele Denmark
Pouline Middleton Managing Director - Crossroads Copenhagen
Steen Clausen CTO - A/S Verinet Scandinavia Server Hosting Center
Theresa Marland - TV Řresund
Trine Plambech Project Manager - Crossroads Copenhagen

Finland (4 listed and 0 hidden)

Carina Stenvall Vice President - MTV Oy / MTV Interactive
Jari Ahola Technology Manager - VTT
Juha Palomaki - Ximind
Ulf Lindqvist Research Professor - VTT

France (22 listed and 1 hidden)

Alexandre Passant PhD Student - Individual
Andrew Prior - Individual
antoine moreau - Copyleft Attitude
Aurélien Tabard Phd student - Projet In Situ, LRI & INRIA Futurs
Axel Wiesner - Equant
Benjamin Benita Webmaster - Cite des Sciences
Candace Johnson President - Europe Online
Charles Bebert Managing Director - Kane - Media & Telecom. Consulting
Charlotte Gavois R & D Multimedia - Tele Images International
Elaine Clarke Marketing & Communications - Reed Midem
Eric Gleizer Audio Producer - GORGONE Productions
Gilles Bugada Project Manager - Sofrecom
Jérôme Jeandeau - Sagem Communications
Malo Girod de l'Ain Publisher - M21 Editions
Nicolas Roussel - Projet In Situ, LRI & INRIA Futurs
Pascal ANTZ - AFP
Pascal Linares Software Development Expert - Individual
Pierre Dewaele Manager - Onix Creation
Robert Charles - Individual
Simon Hossell President -
Steny Solitude CEO - Perfect Memory
xmlizer Founder - Innovimax

France, Metropolitan (1 listed and 1 hidden)

Vaninha Vieira PhD Student in Computing Science - CIn-UFPE / LIP6-Paris6

Germany (26 listed and 7 hidden)

Alexander Felsenberg General Manager - Deutscher Multimedia Verband
Benjamin Baur owner - dj service bayern
Benjamin Salm - Mobile DJs GbR
Christian Plenk Head of Mobile Media, Global Competence Center Media & Brands - Ericsson
Daniela Henger Corporate Communications - gotoBavaria
Dirk Schieborn Pianist - Pianist Dirk Schieborn
Hardy Heine Executive Vice President - Bertelsmann Broadband Group
Heiner Kober - Irish folk band
Ian Pascal Volz PhD Student - J.W. Goethe Universität Frankfurt am Main
Joachim von Goetz - Mobydisc DJ Service
Markus Geilfuss - MicroTide GmbH
Martin Springer Chief Evangelist - convergence integrated media GmbH
MattisManzel - Individual
Michael May - cotiedra networks
michael noack media consultant - sydios it·solutions gmbh
Michael Stenberg Director Partnering & Alliances - Siemens AG
nina baur agent - http:/
Rico Landefeld - University Jena
Rolf Nachbar Photographer - Rolf Nachbar Fotografie & Design
Thomas Jacob - Indie Bands
Thomas Ullmann - Fraunhofer IGD
Till Mertens Head of Business Development - whatsup24 GmbH
Titus Pullo Apotheker - Apotheke online
Tobias Hunke - GIWP -ONCE
Wolfgang Hollenders DJ - Who Events
York Sure Assistant Professor - University of Karlsruhe

Greece (6 listed and 0 hidden)

Artur Krukowski Senior Computer Engineer - Intracom S. A. Telecom Solutions
Meletis Glentzes Head of Sales - ATTIKA S.A.
Nikolaos Georgiafentis IT Manager - Orbitech s.a
Yiannis Manos - OTE A.E.
Zack Voulgaris - Individual

Hong Kong (5 listed and 1 hidden)

Celia Hui - Vis Communications Consultancy Ltd.
Keith Lie CEO - Vcast Limited
Michael Y M Chiu - Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education
Raymond Luk Director, Business Development - SpeedCast Limited
Vivien Chan Marketing Manager - Institute for International Research

India (10 listed and 12 hidden)

Aman Batra - Individual
Arup Bhanja - Individual
Ashish Golwalkar Manager International Business - Zee Telefilms Ltd
Nilesh Mishra Graduate Student - IIT Kanpur
Ranga Raj CTO - Celstream Technologies
Sameer Nigam Founder & CEO -
Sudhir Shreedharan - Music2Deal
Suparno Chaudhuri Head - Interactive Media Practice - ITC Infotech
Tushar Shah Commercial director and CFO - Broadband-Tech Pvt. Ltd
Vitthal Joshi Managing Director - NicheGlobal Consulting & Services

Indonesia (2 listed and 0 hidden)

az Web Developer - Freelance Developer
Nick Burgoyne - Individual

Iran (Islamic Republic Of) (1 listed and 0 hidden)

Mahmoud Taghizadeh Cache Enginner - Individual

Ireland (2 listed and 2 hidden)

adrian legg - Individual
Declan Joseph Brady Consultant - individual

Israel (2 listed and 2 hidden)

Moshe Eli - Coresma Ltd.
Ofir Zukovsky Sales Director Software Solutions - Discretix Technologies Ltd.

Italy (15 listed and 0 hidden)

Andrea Vitali senior system architect - STMicroelectronics
Coppola Crescenzo Engineer - TILAB
Danny Ayers - Individual
Edoardo Hahn executive producer - Hit Son et Lumiere
Emanuele Parravicini researcher - CEFRIEL
Federica Legger - Cselt
giovanni tummarello - Universitŕ Politecnica delle Marche
Giuseppe Cunetta Editor - ANSA
Gresta Gabriele President - Bibop Research INT SRL
Luca De Cicco Post-doc - Politecnico di Bari
Paolo Barbesino Contributeur - Web Marketing Tools
paolo ceriani - individual
saverio mascolo - politecnico di bari
Saverio Romeo Engineer - Cefriel
Thea Chiesa business development manager - TV Files SpA

Japan (6 listed and 0 hidden)

Hiroyuki Hashimoto -
junichi shiina - Individual
Masami Kikuchi founder/producer - Video Online Workshop
Takahiro Yamada Project Manager - DG Mobile, Inc.
Toru Nishiyama - Neo-Atlas, Inc.
Toshinori Masuta - Neo Atlas ,Inc.

Korea, Republic Of (1 listed and 0 hidden)

Jiwon Park - Castservice

Latvia (2 listed and 0 hidden)

Irena Kapeniece - Saeima - the Latvian Parliament
Janis Ligers Programm manager - Lattelekom

Luxembourg (1 listed and 0 hidden)

Ghislain SILLAUME - Centre Virtuel de la Connaissance sur l'Europe

Malaysia (3 listed and 0 hidden)

Andrew Ooi Director - Inspidea Sdn Bhd
G. Kumurasen Manager - Individual
Zohara Gany Mhd. Bathusha Vice President Brand Content Acquisition - Natseven TV Sdn. Bhd. (ntv7)

Malta (0 listed and 1 hidden)

Mexico (2 listed and 1 hidden)

Francisco López - RadioWEB
Rawdon Messenger - Designet, S.A. de C.V.

Moldova, Republic Of (1 listed and 0 hidden)

Stela Pripa student - University

Namibia (1 listed and 0 hidden)

erik janson - Individual

Netherlands (36 listed and 15 hidden)

Annemieke de Jong Head of Information Policy - Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision
B. Hoogkamp Sales Manager - atlantic
Bauke Freiburg Head of product development - Fabchannel BV
Constantine Makarov - Individual
Cris Merritt CTO - IndependentIP
Dusseldorp - Van Dusseldorp & Partners
Elon Cosla Managing Director - Optibase BV
Eric J.A. Goossens producer / media business & creative management - individual
Felix B Bopp ceo - Club of Amsterdam
Friso Seyferth - Convergence Foundation
Geert Lovink internet consultant, media theorist - nettime
Gil Agnew Director - New Innergy
Hans Idink Technical Director - Catorg
Helen George Project Manager - Van Dusseldorp
Hugo de Bruin - IBM
Igor van Gemert Managing Director - Innergy Creations BV
Jacco van Ossenbruggen - CWI
Jojanneke Peekel Sales Manager - MOSES.
Kouwen Commercial director - Xpert Data B.V.
Mabel Mangnus Commercial Development Director - Chello Broadband
Marc Metekohy Client Team Executive - Satama Interactive
Marinka van Cleef Project Manager - Van Dusseldorp & Partners
Marjon Agema - van dusseldorp & partners
Martijn Tjho Chairman and Founder - Independent IP
Martin Schut CEO - Qudine BV
Martin van der Schagt Media Consultant - Media Gateway
Marwan Shehab - Individual
Maurits van Rijckevorsel - BackStream
Peter Troxler - p&s culture net - Netzwerk Kultur
Pieter van der Ploeg engagement manager - NeXtrategy
Raphael Troncy Researcher - CWI
Robert - individual
Scott Gilbert - Moda Corp.
Tiago Francisco Barreiro Saize Vitorino - Woorden Mederij
Wim Timmer - Packeteer

New Zealand (4 listed and 1 hidden)

Anna Verboeket Content and BBTV Strategy Manager - Telecom NZ Ltd
Janet MacDonald - Atlas Communications & Media
Matthew Carter Motion Graphics Designer - Individual
Shyam Karan - Individual

Nigeria (1 listed and 1 hidden)

kanayo mashalom mokwe producer, director, media and arts management - dreadstar pictures

Peru (1 listed and 0 hidden)

cableuno cableuno - organismo

Poland (3 listed and 0 hidden)

Adam Lugowski - AnyMedia Interactive
Jakub Bielikowski Technical Director - Oracle Corporation
przemyslaw badziag -

Portugal (3 listed and 0 hidden)

Jorge Marques Company Owner / Programer - Fluxima
Paulo Almeida Business Development Manager - NeXenter
Pedro Teixeira - Individual

Romania (1 listed and 1 hidden)

Roxana Stoianovici Product Manager - Avandor

Russian Federation (2 listed and 0 hidden)

Dr. Irina Yakhneeva Head of Marketing Department - Recogmission LLC.
Igor Goncharov Web-developer - Individual

Saudi Arabia (1 listed and 0 hidden)

Harwant Singh Grewal Programmer - Individual

Singapore (3 listed and 1 hidden)

Daniel Tan - Terrapinn Pte Ltd
Dickson Loh IT Consultant - Individual
Hoo Voon Kin Conference Manager - IBC Asia

Slovakia (Slovak Republic) (1 listed and 0 hidden)

Maria Kaceriakova - University of St. Andrews

Slovenia (1 listed and 0 hidden)

Jure Cuhalev - Zemanta

Spain (12 listed and 0 hidden)

Alex Sarbeni Technology Consultant - Computer Associates
flavio masitas Director - flavio masitas consulting
flavio masitas -
jon Arambarri -
Marcial Carrillo - Lion Toons
Marcial Carrillo - Lion Toons
Marisa Garcia International Development - Centre Promotor De La Imajge
Niccolo´ Avico - MENTA
Patricia Val tech officer - Grafica directa
Pedro Cano - BMAT
Regis de Fontaines - VTV Networks
Victor Sosa Phd Student - Individual

Sweden (12 listed and 1 hidden)

Dan Willstrand Sales Manager - Kamera
Fredrik Jansson proejct leader - Katalysera
Göran - KI-consulting
Klokie Grossfeld CTO - FileRide
Lars-Erik Eriksson - DACC Systems
Marie-Helen Andersson Senior Systems Architect - TietoEnator Telecom Operators Telecom & Media
Patrik Höljö Business development manager - Telia e-bolaget
Per Hakanson - International Media Art
Qi Baojian Research Engineer - Hauwei Sweden
Sven-Gunnar Nyberg Product expert - TietoEnator
Thomas Högenes Managing Director - Lokomo Systems AB
Thomas Nojd - Telia Research AB

Switzerland (16 listed and 1 hidden)

Clément Charles Chief Executive Officer -
Emmanuel Granges - Swisscom AG
Frans de Jong Senior Engineer - European Broadcasting Union
Gérard Crittin President - Crittin & Associates
Jean-Christophe Wüthrich - Lysis
Laurent Potesta Consultant - L. Potesta Conseil
Lidewy Isings Head of Crossmedia Series & Film - Swisscom Schweiz
Natalia Tsarkova Head of Content Programming - Transmedia Communications
Nick Beglinger - Extramedia
Nicolas Marti Directeur Commercial - Orbital & Cie
Oliver Brender Product Manager - Nagra
Patrick Attallah CEO - ISAN International Agency
Régis Flad System & Technology Manager - ISAN International Agency
Richard Azia Owner - Mainvision Productions
Roger Pitton Product Management - The Fantastic Corporation
Sven Olaf Loerz Product Management - Nokia Siemens Networks Schweiz AG

Taiwan (2 listed and 0 hidden)

Jeffrey Sun - Spring House Entertainment
Mose Free Software Catalyst - Angenius

Thailand (1 listed and 0 hidden)

Mingkwan Jeaprasert - individual

Turkey (4 listed and 0 hidden)

Cem Erkun Strategic Planning & Business Development Director - Dogan Online
Hakan Gonenli General Manager - (Dogan Online)
Haluk Gokmen Systems Engineering Group Manager (R&D) - Vestel Elektronik
Haluk Gokmen Project Manager - Company

Ukraine (2 listed and 0 hidden)

Natalia Melnichenko Commercial Secretary - Canadian Embassy
yaroslav saz doctor - asa

United Arab Emirates (2 listed and 0 hidden)

Manash Bhuyan Vice President , Gulf Region - Financial Dynamics International
Mike Whittaker Director of Technology & Engineering - Showtime

United Kingdom (589 listed and 259 hidden)

A Shenoy - Intel
Aaron Greenwood - Netbars Ltd
Adnan Ahmad Senior Developer - Renaissance Foundation
adnan hadzi director - h+o films llp
Adrian Turner Managing Director - Avantnoise Ltd
Adriana Lukas - tBBC
Alan MacKelworth Chairman - Alan MacKelworth & Co Ltd
Alan Moore - etv
aland - Individual
Alec Hendry Director of Digital Media Operations & Development - MTV Networks UK & Ireland
Alex Kinch - Flash FM UK Ltd
Alex Purkiss Business Development Manager - Interoute
Alex Rolfe M-Commerce Editor - European Card Review
Alex Tom Student - Individual
Alex Wolfe Managing Director -
Alex Wolfe Chairman - IWA Europe
Alexis Aldous Technical Support - Edit Technologies
Ali Moazed Architect of the Deal - Loudeye Technologies Europe
Alison Knight General Secretary - Branded Content Marketing Association
Alistair Brown General Manager - The List Digital
Allen Mornington-West - armw consulting ltd
Amy Varga product development - Atlantic
Ana Joly Researcher - University of Brighton
Anders Olausson Technical Concept Development Manager - Streamway
Andi Freeman - DeepDisc
Andraz Tori CTO - Zemanta
Andrea Zisman Lecturer - City University
Andreas Sallam Managing Director - InLiMedia Ltd
Andreas Sallam Managing Director - InLiMedia Ltd
Andrew Dubber - Birmingham City University
Andrew Fawcett Kingston Interactive TV - Kingston Interactive TV
Andy Burras R & D Software Engineer - Cabot Communications Ltd
Andy Ledbetter - Mill House Internet Services Ltd
Andy Lewis - Individual
Andy Lewis Director - Westminster Digital
Andy Vasey Director - Five-9s
Angela Eden - Eden Evolution
Anna Plagerson - NHS
Anne Houtved - Rawflow Ltd
Anne M Hoffman - Individual
Annette Nabavi Managing Director - Anchusa Consulting
Anthony Glaccum - NetCIB Ltd
Anthony Roland - The Roland Collection
Antia Buhigas PR Manager - Access Conferences International
Arouna Woukeu - University of Southampton
Austin Delaney - Designer Servers Ltd
Ayo Oshun Director - BroadMix TV
Barney Piggott - Holland Mountain Ltd.
Ben Cook - The Lux Centre
Ben Cooper community and ideas evolver - Ben Cooper
Ben Laurie - Google
Ben Revill - Mirror Image Internet
Ben Roeder - sohonet
Ben Steadman Director - leyline promotions
ben young Director - Underdog
Benjamin Craig Producer - Cinemagine
Benn Achilleas Account & Sales Director - Neoco
Berni Lee - AudioSoft
Bilkis Fatema Software Engineer - Individual
Bill Gash Business Development - Entriq, Inc.
blissett lutham - LHC
Bob Auger Technology Correspondent - Cue Entertainment
Bob Lockeridge Managing Director - Locked-On Communications
Brendan Quinn Technical Architect - BBC
Brendan Ward - Resolution
Brendon Kenny CEO & Founder - Getting you Results Ltd
Brian Aldous - Dept. of Trade & Industry
Brian Fattorini Information Development - Clipstream
Bronac Ferran - Boundary Object
Caitlin Smith Mobile Developer - British Sky Broadcasting
Caroline Milner - Information Today Ltd
Caspar Kennerdale - The Tuckshop
Celeste Ainge Marketing Manager - Penton Media Europe
Charles Sandbank Chairman for the DTI/DCMS Group on Digital Film Production and Distribution - Department of Trade and Industry (DTI)
Chris Anning Chief Technical Officer - five
Chris Cook - Partnerships Consulting LLP
Chris Gare - Nexagent
Chris Hampartsoumian UK IT Operations Manager - Soumian Multimedia
chris hart - thing-e ltd
Chris Jordan European Sales Manager - Endeavors Technology
Chris Lyon Technical Consultant - Spritenote Ltd
Chris Oakley SJ4 Applications Development Manager - UKERNA
Chris Pearman - Pictureimage Broadcast Limited
Chris Pitchford - The Gnuws Project
Chris Speed Lecturer - University of Plymouth
Chris Swan Arcade Manager - Blitz Games Limited
Christian Braun - TextOneZero
Christina Schoenleber - MCPS
Christopher Hughes Filmmaker - Individual
Claire Macdonald - Just Add Water Management
Claudio von Planta director / cameraman / editor - C.von Planta & Co.
Clifton Flack - Kendra Voyuer
Clive Bishop - ISAN UK
Cody Hogarth - TVfiles
Colin Brown - WebGenerics
Colin Donald Director - Futurescape
Colin Moorcraft - onTV Europe Ltd.
Conor Leech European Events Manager -
Cornelius McCann MD - Legendary IT Development Ltd
Craig Hill Director - Meme Group Ltd
Craig Moehl - Groovy Gecko
Damian Glover Research Consultant - Insight Central
Dan Taylor - Nortel Networks
Daniel Harris Director - Daha
Daniel Hawes - March Entertainment
Daniel Olmedilla - L3S Research Center
Danny Gagatt Cameraman / assistant - Individual
Daragh Cuddy - Individual
Dario Betti analyst - Ovum
Darren Mothersele Web Product Development - Ideation Networks
darryl nelson technology editor -
Dave Aliwell Infrastructure Development Manager - RM Learning (a division of RM plc)
Dave Barnard Director - CineDigital Limited
Dave Cridland Director - Clues Ltd
Dave Hills Marketing Director - Alcatel
Dave Ho Business Development Manager - Scale Eight
Dave Meredith Research Fellow - City University
David Austerberry Director - Informed Sauce
David Berry Partner - Charles Russell LLP
David Boyd Business Development Manager - BlueArc UK Ltd
David Dawson - Museums, Libraries & Archvies Council
David Dodson - City University
David Edmond - Aspects MultiMedia Productions
David Jennings - DJ Alchemi Ltd
David Johns - Imagination
David McKenna Commercial Director - On2 Technologies
David Riley Online Manager - Cooking Vinyl
David Saunders MYRIAD Product Director - MYRIAD Group Technologies Limited
David Watson Music Composer - Individual
David White System Architect - NDS
David Winder CEO - Balloon-A-Gram
David Winder Charity Director - Silver Kettle Foundation
dc - individaul
Debora Orbell writer - BPO
Deborah Hughes Picture Research Manager - Macmillan Publishers Ltd
Deborah Loth - Individual
Deborah Sass Head of Client Services and Business Development - Muze Europe
Denise Brook - refocus NOW Limited
Dennis Morrison - zzizzlfilms
Derek Kitchener Web and multimedia Developer - Venus Internet Ltd
Derek Oyibo Programme Office, ICT - Department for Education and Skills
Desiree Miloshevic - MusicBank Networks Ltd
Dhavalkumar Thakker Researcher - Individual
Dmitri Grabov Owner - Accession Web Services
Dmitri Grabov - Ventoria
Dominic McDermott - MFN / Abovenet
Dr Julie McCann Senior Lecturer - Imperial College
Dr Matthew Fairtlough Tutor and researcher in Mathematics and Computing - Individual
Duncan Burbidge Business Development Manager - Stream UK Media Services Ltd
Eddie Bazil - Samplecraze
Elias Moubayed - Euroaction
Elizabeth Delaney - Reed Midem
Ella Harris Drama practitioner - Freelance
Emma Nguyen Student - individual
Eric McLean Broadcaster - Trini Turtle
Erik Chin - Individual
Evan Jones Director - @Wales Digital Media Initiative
F R A Hopgood Professor - Oxford Brookes University
Fabienne Fourquet - AETNinternational
Fergus Anderson - Biopic Video
Fergus Geraghty Owner - m3m
Flemming Andersen Business Solutions EMEA - WorldCom
Francois Roshey - Individual
Frank Wales Director - Limitless Innovations
Frazer Kirkman Project Coordinator - United Visions
Gabriel Boronat - Individual
Gabriella Goddard Consultant - Individual
Gareth Bourne - Nexus Productions
Gary Shainberg - BT Ignite
Gary Tomlinson CTO - CacheFlow Inc.
Gary van Hoek Director - Music Glue
Gavin Lock - earthport
Gavin Robertson CEO - OkMyWay
Gaynor Backhouse - Intelligent Content
George Graham Developer - Individual
George Malim - CommunicationsWeek International
Ghulam Mohomedein Editor - Dance on film News
Giles English President - Virtue Broadcasting
Giles Redpath M.D. Carrier Services - Global Internet Billing
Giovanni D`Angelo -
Gopal Gobiratnam Software Architect - Oneworld UK
Gordon Joly - Recursion Limited
Gordon Rae - SPRU Science and Technology Policy Research
Gordon Ross -
Graeme Brown -
Graham Stewart Consultant - 3 Fires
Greg B Hirst Director - Forbidden Technologies plc
grey project manager - individual
Guido Verweij Director - Thomson Financial
Gurbir Singh Security Manager - Fujitsu
Guy McCreery Founder - third ear
Hal Robinson Managing Director - Librios
Hamish Campbell - undercurrents
Hamish Stewart Business Development Director - Alienideas
Harriet Bridgeman Managing Director - The Bridgeman Art Library
Harry Leckstein Account Director, Music Services - Eunite Ltd
Harvey Jones - Exponential-e
Henry Brun Founder - SOLiTAR Systems
Henry Horton - PHOCUUS Ltd
Honey Bianchi Director - Fertile Ground Management
Horace Mitchell Online Presence Adviser - MT Associates
Huck Melnick - Aurora Media
Iain McNay Chairman - Cherry Red Records
Ian Bingham - LogicaCMG UK Ltd
Ian Butler - Mirror Image Internet
Ian Hay Innovation Project Manager - Orange
Ian Lewis CEO - The Farnham Film Company
Ian MacKinnon Network Development Engineer - Telia UK
Ian McCalla - Jambika Ltd
Ian Mecklenburgh - Infotainment Ltd
Ian Penman Partner - New Media Law LLP
Ilknur Celik - Nottingham University
Ilya Khasin - Individual
Ingjerd Jevnaker Marketing Manager - RawFlow
Inigo Surguy - CSW
Ivan Croxford - Re:Think!
Izi Muraben - Telecoms & Internet Division, IIR Ltd
Jack Iacovou Member - Simmons Gainsford LLP
jacqueline - van dusseldorp & partners
Jaime Stapleton - Arts Council England
Jake Penson - Media On Demand
James Beckett Software Developer / Network Security Consultant - Individual
James Clarke Chief Technology Officer - ROOT6 Limited
James Cooke - Channel Films
James Cridland Digital Media Director - Virgin Radio
James Cronin - The Flirble Organisation
James Moore Marketing Director - SCL Internet
James Sankar Network Access Project Manager - UKERNA
James Stevens - SPC - CONSUME
james turner e-commerce manager - Yes Television
James Walker - NDS
Jamie Brock Business Development -
Jan Klimkowski Producer/Director - Individual
Jane Henry Director - Partners in Television
Jay Marathe Head of Consulting - Durlacher Corporation Plc.
Jaya Gibson - Meloo Media Limited
Jean-Claude Geha - Telia Internet Inc.
Jemima Gibbons Creative Director - Interactive KnowHow
Jennifer Mitchell Marketing Executive -
Jennifer Roper - FOR Securities
Jessica Butcher E-business Consultant - Fletcher Advisory
Jim Southworth - AdEvia
Joanna Berry PhD Researcher - University of Newcastle upon Tyne Business School
Joe Bray - 1000 Stream
Joe Pietroni Managing Director - Contraplay Ltd
Joel Cymberg - Clipstream Technologies Inc
John Baker - Intensive Networks Ltd
John Bell Professional Conference Speaker - Conference Speaker
john bentham -
John Bibby - Limited
John Corr Business Development Manager - Sound Moves (UK) Ltd
John Denton Senior iTV Producer - chellomedia
John Enser Partner - Olswang
John Evans Technical Director, - Ltd
John Gray - Wilde Gray Productions
John Grinham CTO - OD2 plc
John Hoare editor - Mandy's International Film/TV Production Directory
John Laycock - Nortel Networks
John McHugh Content Development Director -
John Mittens - Global Internet Billing
John Newman VP Europe - Sonic Solutions/Roxio
Jollyon Benn - BPI Ltd
Jolyan Turrall - Perfunktory Group
Jon Chambers Programmer - Individual
Jon Danzig Producer/Director - Look-Hear®
Jon Howarth Director - Blue Tuna
Jon Mayland ECM Consultant - eContentManagement
Jon S Green Software Architect - Imerge Ltd
Jon Watts Partner - MTM London
Jonathan Barton - individual
Jonathan Robinson - MusicTank
Jonathan Williams Senior Account Manager - Political Intelligence
Jostein Svendsen Managing Director - ConvergeX
Julia Seiffert Web Writer, Copywriter - Creative Communications
Julian Coles - BBC
Justin Cooke Founder - Fortune Cookie (UK) Limited
Justin Keery Director - Venus Business Communications Ltd
Justine Curtis - Five Nine Solutions
Kain Tietzel - Bomb Productions
Kam Cheung - University of Brighton
Karel Dudesek MA Course Leader Digital Media - Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication
Karl Miosga - World Radio Network
Kasia Molga - individual
Katherine Cummings Marketing Co-ordinator - Junction
Kavita Kapoor CTO - Digital Deli
Kaweh Assadi New Media Developer/ Filmmaker - Individual
Keith MItchell CTO - XchangePoint
Keith Mitchell Researcher - Lancaster University
Keith Young - Public-i Group Ltd
Kev Green - oRe Net
Kevin Hinde Technical Design Authority - BBC
Kim Thesiger - Chyron Streaming Services
Kirit Saelensminde CTO - FSL Technologies Limited
Kjell Lemstrom Dr - City University, London
Kris Avery Animator - Kaptive
Lars Brannvall MD & Founder - Lighthouse New Media Consulting
Lee Atkinson Senior Producer - Broadshow
Lee Atkinson Technical Director - Makeni Ltd
Lee Rickler Creative Technologist - Freelance
Leon Benjamin - Ecademy Ltd
Leon Maurice-Jones projects - 46000 Fibres
Leon Reis Director - Integrated Media systems Ltd.
Lihua - City University
Linda Royles CEO - BAPLA
Lisa Gornick Film Maker - Valiant Doll
Lisa Wren Picture Research Manager - Pearson Education
Louisa Griffith - Apogee Networks
Louisa Harris Marketing - Electronic Transaction Corporation
Louisa Marriott Marketing Executive - Penton Technology Media
Lucy Protheroe Senior Producer, New Media - Stream
Luke Keen Web Audio Specialist/ comedy writer - Keeno Enterprises
Luke Razzell founder - i-together
lulu - wave tv / digitaldisco
Lyndon Lee - BT
mahender reddy mogulla - individual
Malcolm Laws MD - Simoli Ltd
Malcolm Moore Business & Legal Affairs Executive - Planispheres
Mamading Ceesay IT Consultant/Web Developer - Individual
Manjeet Khangura Co Director - Electric Echo
manou bendon Company Director - mediagang
marc mccalla - mvp entertainment
Marcello Allegri Project Manager, GUARDIANS - FD Learning Ltd
Marcus Hopwood - Internet Facilitators Ltd
Marcus Woods Business Develop Director - ltd
Maria Farnon - Level 3
Maria Goggin Marketing & Alliance Management - NWIX
Mark Adams Managing Director - Cybercaster
Mark Birbeck CEO - formsPlayer
mark copas CEO - Digimark group
Mark Curry - PR Newswire Europe
Mark Denton Director of Product Management - Valista
Mark Evans - Cable & Satellite International
Mark Fallows Managing Director - FBC Fact Based Communications
Mark Gibson - Individual
Mark Griffiths Artist/Developer - Bluish
Mark Isherwood Director - Rightscom Limited
Mark Ponsford - RAW Communications
Mark Simpkins Technial Project Manager - Maahee
Mark Stuart Principal Engineer - Pioneer Digital Design
Mark Taylor Technology Research Consultant - Wanadoo SA
Markus Karlsson Managing Director - Emojo
Martin Butterworth - NETmc
Martin Hewitt - Byng Systems
Martin Laval Sales Manager - Recreate Solutions
Martin Marsh Managing Director - Sygenius Limited
Martine Parry - Serious Games Alliance Europe
Matt Saunders Director/Producer, Artist,Consultant - Individual
Matthew Ansell Director of Product Management - IMG
Matthew Charles Cartwright Senior Sales Service Provider - TNS Group
Matthew Eaton Senior Sales Consultant - Lysis
Maya Alexander - Blue Nile Pictures
Meeajaun Farhaad Content manager - Amplefuture
merr ver - individual
Mervyn Levin Head, Broadband Content Innovation, Digital Content and Publishing - Department of Trade and Industry
Micah Edwards -
Micha - Individual
Michael Burke - Individual
Michael Eyles Content Services Architect, BT Retail - BT
michael heap -
Michael Holland Director - Smye Holland Associates
Michael Learmonth - Industry Standard Europe
Michael Mulquin Director - RegenTV
Michael Trott - Ltd
Michael Troxler Content Director - Brainstorm
Michael Weyrich - YQA Now
Mick Fuzz Chesterman IT trainer -
Mike Butcher - mbites
Mike Clark - Individual
Mike Edwards CEO - Michael Edwards & Associates
Mike Rogers Director of Business Development - Redbus Netstream
Miko il - Individual
Miles Sabin - Individual
Milos Madacky - Ravenscourt Media Ltd
Mishka Edmonstone Television producer - Damage control productions
mitch mcalister - MySpace / Fox Interactive Media
Mohan Iyengar - Houston Technologies Ltd
Mohan Subrahmanya Solutions Consultant/Portfolio Specialist - MBT
monica johnston - Individual
Monika Solanki Research fellow - DMU
Mr. Alexander Holland International General Manager - Media Industry - TVfiles
Muhammad Ishfaq administrator - Private
Murray John Weston Director - British Universities Film & Video Council
Mykaell Curse Director Urban Music School - University of Westminister
Nadia Griffiths Analyst - analys
Nancy Proctor - The Gallery Channel
Naresh Sarwan Senior Technical Writer -
Nat Kannan Managing Director - Telecommantra ltd
Neil Harris Director - Media Channel
Neil Marshall CEO - Mibill Limited
Neil Pellinacci Director - Tanzarine Technology Ltd
Niall McGee - BT
Nic Wistreich - Netribution
Nicholas Hart - Redback
Nicholas Lansman - ISPA UK
Nick Bryant Network Director - Deltaband
Nick Flynn - TeraSpan UK
Nick James Product Development Director - BSkyB
Nick Ogden CEO - WorldPay plc
Nick Sutton - QuarkTV
Nico Macdonald Principal - Spy
Nigel Mazlyn Jones - Isle Of Light Records
Nigel Rantor - Wiggly Worm Enterprises
Nigel Wallbridge - Global Internet Billing
Norman Leader - Kinecta Limited
Oisin Lunny Product Manager Media Services - Interoute Communications Limited
Olga Generozova Director - Artstream
Oliver Mills Senior Director - Intertrust
olly connelly Consultant -
oscar celma - Individual
Panos Kudumakis Research Manager - Centre for Digital Music, Queen Mary Univ. London
Paola Di Maio Editor - Content Wire
Pat O'Brien Practice Manager - easylink
Patrick Crehan Director - Crehan, Kusano & Associates sprl
Patrick Sinclair - University of Southampton
Paul Brown Streaming Media Strategist/Programme Manager - Cisco Systems
Paul Copping Managing Director - Maxathon Limited
Paul Eedle CEO - Out There News Ltd
Paul Evans CTO - Venation
Paul G Smith CTO - Cantos Communications Ltd
Paul Hembury Programming and Acquisitions Director - V.C.I.
Paul O'Neill Technical Consultant - Xygot
Paul Osmond Marketing Consultant - CM Focus magazine
Paul Overbury Network Consultant - Network Consultant
Paul Rae Information Support Manager -
Paul Retallick - Nortel Networks
Paul Richardson - Cartezia
Paul Sergeant Content Delivery Consultant - Convergency
Paula Le Dieu - BBC New Media
Pauline Shakespeare - BAPLA
permjit Dulay Freelance Rights consultant - Individual
Peter Bates Senior Partner - pjb Associates
Peter Carey - Charles Russell
Peter Coles - Charles Russell
Peter Jones - Individual
Peter Mills - Internet Facilitators Ltd
Phil Archer CTO - Family Online Safety Institute
Phil Barton Business Development Manager - Junction Ltd
Philip Campbell Director - projectswebmedia
Philip Cooper Senior Marketing Manager - IIR
Philip Darley Director - Morogo Films
Philip Haggar Director - Makeni Limited
Philip Meehan Developer - Raw Material Software
Philip O'Ferrall Vice President - Oplayo
Philip Reid Senior Account Executive - Political Intelligence
Philip Wood - Individual
Philipp Schroder - Individual
Phillip Temple Director of Development - Progressive Publishing
Pierre-Yves Danet Vice-Chair Strategy - NEM Initiative
prodromos tsiavos IPR EU advisor - EU, DG Enlargement
rachel baker artist -
Rakha Singh Director - Hara Media Ltd
Ralph Windsor Project Manager - Daydream
Rashmee Thiyagalingam - Alfacord Webcasting
Remi Harris General Manager - Association of Independent Music
Richard A Trebilcook - Individual
Richard Baker - Richard Baker Photography
Richard Bennett Mr - Pixago
Richard Johnson Service Architect - Ether Digital Limited
Richard Lucas - Vision 360 Ltd
Richard N Griffiths Programme Leader: Postgraduate Programme in Intera - University of Brighton
Richard Stubbs - Ltd
Richard Tierney Producer - creative talks
Rob Fellowman - FM People Finder Ltd
Rob Hartman - Vivid Dsiplay Exhibition Stands
Robert Ayres -
Robert Hartley Marketing Director - Bitmedia Internet Marketing
Robert Lewis CEO - D-Mob TV
Robin Boldon - BBC Worldwide Ltd
Robin Cragg Senior Engineer - Individual
Robin Upton Miscellaneous / Internet Developer - Altruists International
Rod Rodrigo International Sales Manager/Head Of Production - IMC Vision Ltd
Roger Davies Director, Sales and Business Development - infospace inc
Roger Portnoy Principal Consultant - Limited
Roland Perry Director of Public Policy - London Internet Exchange
Romek Szczesniak - Spiky Black Cat Ltd
Ron Eagle Director - Media Channel UK Ltd
Ronald Yii - individual
Ronny Ellefsen Director - European Young Professionals London
Roohbir Singh MBCS Student - London Met University
Rose Luckin - London Knowledge Lab
Rupert Baines - Individual
Sally Pugmire Group Show Director - Penton Technology Media
Sam King Operations Director - Pixago
Sam Kleinman Director - Craze Productions
Sandeep Raval - sandeep raval
Sander Remans Broadband Business Development Manager - Plc
Sandip Sarda - AssetHouse Technology
Sandra Higgison Editor - Content Management Focus magazine
Sandy Hodge Producer - Individual
Sandy Hoover Artist - Lunar Drive
Sandy Markwick Head of Global Online Distribution - Newsplayer Group Plc
Sarah Saunders - Electric Lane
Satwinder Singh Student - Renaissance Foundation
Scott Andrews - Freelance webhead for BBC World ClickOnline
Scott Lyons - Perfunktory Group, ltd.
Scott Pollard CTO - BIBC plc
Seamus Cullen Sales Manager - Kamera
Sergio Lopez-Figueroa Director - Big Bang lab
Sheila Urbanoski - Individual
Shelley Taylor CEO - All Digital Downloads
Shona Thomson Senior Conference Producer - IIR
shur harewood - diversity production network
silver oliver information architect - BBC
Simon Calvert - Artistic Licence
Simon Dunstan - Oomf! Ltd
Simon Hodgon - Individual
Simon Knight - MansionMedia
Simon Perry Publisher -
Simon Peter Roper Director - mytradingday markettalkTV
Simon Redvers Managing Director - Allyze Limited
Simon Tzu Storyteller - Tzunami Productions LLP
Sjoerd Vogt Intl Sales Director - Information Today Ltd
Snorre Milde Interface Development Specialist - Razorfish
Stacey Pogoda - Middlesex University
Stefan Heller Director of Programming -
stefan zerwas interaction designer - individual
Stephen Chai - KPMG
Stephen Clee MD - DAT Media
Stephen Ives - Digital Cutup Lounge
Stephen Lightley Product Manager - Urband Ltd.
Steve - Vacuum Networks / Clues Ltd
Steve Crossan Director - Runtime Collective Limited
Steve Dimmick. iTV & Streaming Team Leader - Dome Streaming & iTV
Steve Kennedy Director - NetTek Ltd
Steve MacPherson Technical Operations Manager - Double Negative
Steve Mayall - MusicAlly
Steve Pentland Director - Group Impact
Steve Thompson Recruitment Consultant - RP International
Steve Walker Senior Project Manager - XchangePoint
Steve Wilson Director - Whistling Mule Productions Ltd.
Stewart Baines Managing Editor - Communications International
Stuart Farquharson Manager - Warp Solutions
Stuart Waite CEO - Tamblin Ltd
Suna Jones marketing director - Foodware Ltd
Susanna Yager consultant - individual
Tamasin Cave - individual
tav - humanity
Ted Orme - RepliWeb
Terence Freedman NDAD Contract Manager - Individual
Thomas Bhatia Chief Technical Officer - Merlion Sp z.o.o
thor magnusson softgrammer - individual
Tiema Otadaferua - Independent Consultant
Tim Deighton - Warp TV
Tim Newton - QuarkTV
Tim Page Consultant - ARC Group
Tim Pitt - individual
Tim Seddon - OC&C
Tim Snape MD - Abbotsbury Software Ltd
Tim Venison - Sonic Works Interactive
Tim Wintrip Euopean Sales Director - Scale Eight
Timothy Paul Read - Gaia Live Ltd
Tinaz Mehta Events manager - spg media
Toby Mills - Netbars Ltd
Toby Slater - Toby Slater
Toby Watson - Tui Ltd
Tom - Uniteddiversity
Tom Jordan CEO - Acknowledgement Ltd
Tom Rebbeck Editor - Media Finance
Tom Richards - BAC
Tom Rye - Individual
Tom Trewick Business Development Manager - Allegis Group
Tony Crabtree Consultancy Manager - ARC Group
Tony Shone - Private
tracey sheeran - tv files
Trevor Parsons - Individual
Trish McMichael European Product Marketing Mgr - Inktomi
Vanja Karas Correspondent - Frame Media
Vasileios Fasoulas - Individual
Vicki Lynn President - Satellite Events Enterprises, Inc.
Vicky Interface & Acquisitions - Signalize Limited
Vince Guaglianone - VIXS
Will Cooper Account Manager, Digital Services - Yes Television
Will O'Connor - Edelman
William Bown - Taste Media
William Cameron - Individual
William Dulles - FLASH WeRKS
William Jones CEO - Global Village Limited
William Orme Technology - RepliWeb Inc.
William Poel MD - USP Networks Limited
William Rowe - Protein Ltd.
William Volk -, LLC
ximena cordova - individual
Yaozhong Liang - University of Southampton
yingwei zhang - Individual
Yomi Omogbeja New Media Researcher/Web Editor - YSM Company
Yvette Elkana CEO - Clickx 242 Limited
Yvonne Filler Marketing Manager - XchangePoint
Zena Tuitt Manager, M&E sector - Ernst & Young LLP
Zoe Young co-ordinator -

United States (111 listed and 25 hidden)

A-Sun Truth Founder - Universal Interactive Networks
Andrew Kemmetmueller Director of Wireless Application Development - ARINC
Andrew Milne - yubik | observer
Andrew Odlyzko Director, Digital Technology Center - University of Minnesota
AUDIOMIND Electronic DJ/Promoter/Producer - ABA Productions
Austin Hawthorne - Individual
Barbara McMullen Director, Marist College Center for E-Business - Marist College
Boanerges Aleman-Meza Ph.D. Student - LSDIS Lab, University of Georgia
Brian Benitez CTO - SmashTV/Beta Lounge
Brian Parsons New Media Specialist - Electralight
Bryan Bain VP - Broadband Marketing - Elron TeleSoft
Chris Da SIlva Account Manager -
Chris Dotson - Eonstreams, Inc
Claudette Walker Author/CEO - Abacus Books, Inc.
Colleen McGinn Executive Producer - Basso/McGinn Productions
Crash Davis - COTW
Crystal Haidl Civic Discourse Producer - UnConventional Works
Damon Young Director of Sales - ProjectLocker
Dana Melick - Lariat Software
Darrell Jones - GMV Network
Dave Britton -
David Benson CTO - Secure Path Technology LLC
David Bond VP, Broadband Media New Business Opps - GenerateTV Network
David Morris Principle - Morris Strategy Consulting
Deano Producer - InVideo
Derek Gascon VP, Strategy & Planning - Convera Corporation
Doug Lexa Sales Executive - Createasphere
Ed Bates Sr. VP of Business Development - Media Addiction, LLC
Ed Mangelsdorf - Individual
Ed Pimentel Founder - GooWallet
Eda Topur VP Int. Business Development - Widevine Technologies
Eric Smith Product Development Specialist - Thread Media, LLC
Eric Stein Director of Acquisitions - CinemaNow
Farooq Hussain - NCir LLC
Frances Hardin Exec. Producer - IMF Video Project
Fred Douglis - IBM
Garrick Herrmann VP Business Developmeny - RepliWeb
Great Chefs Television - Great Chefs Television
Greg Deocampo Chief Technology Officer | Artists & Repertoire - Mediatronica
Guoqian Jiang - Mayo Clinic
Jeannine Parker - The J Parker Company
Jeff Turner Principal - InterStream, LLC
Jeffrey Korn - Sonic Foundry
Jesse Chou - WebEver, Inc.
Jim O'Brien President - Building4Media
Jo Ann Aaronson - Reliacast
Joel Schonbrunn - Tree Media Group
John Black Senior Software Architect - Kashori
John Madden Associate Professor - Duke University
John Vizzusi Producer-Director - Central State Productions
John Willkie -, Inc.
John Willkie Chairman -, Inc.
Joseph David Morris Director of Strategic Marketing - Pillar Data Systems
Joseph Weihs - Individual
Julian Thomas Director, Product Management -
Kaliya Hamlin Executive Director - Personal Data Ecosystem Consoritum
Keith Strand Streaming Media Manager - Keith Strand
Ken - KenRadio.Com
Kevin Shively EVP, Business Development - TV Worldwide
Marc Canter Founder and CEO - Broadband Mechanics
Mark Green - Individual
Marshall Eubanks CEO - Multicast Technologies
Matt Ballantine - BBC Worldwide Ltd
Matthew Camp Regional Sales Manager - Webever
Michael J. Fay VP Client Services - e-Media
Michael Scott Shappe Coding Dude - Kurim Consuting
Michael Stauffer VP Client Engineering - iBlast Networks
Michael Wells - Speakeasy Network
Michael Witbrock Vice President for Research - Cycorp Inc
Mike Moskowitz -
Mike Reid - Loudeye Technologies Inc.
Mike Robinson - Excalibur Technologies
mike saello - individual
Narinder Jain CTO - Cervir Corp.
Natalie Glance Senior Research Scientist - Nielsen BuzzMetrics
Nicholas R. Givotovsky - Datasphere Interactive, Inc.
Nicole Feenstra Business Development - Animation World Network
Pat Gratton Analyst/Developer - Individual
Peggy Miles President - Intervox Communications
Peter A. Cohen Internet Peering & Transit Expert -
Peter Yorke Director of Technology - Exodus Communications
Rafael President-CEO - EarthSun Alliance, Inc.
Rich Lappenbusch Director - Microsoft Entertainment
Richard Schave - filmnik
Rick Siegel - OnlineTV, Inc.
Rick Tacelli Vp - clearway
Rob Schuster VP - Digital Media Exchange
Robert G Bannana - NYLXS
Robert Reddick Founder INTV, LLC - INTV, LLC
Roger Plummer Executive Vice president - International Engineering Consortium
Roy Elkins - Broadjam
Sacha R. Droz - Microsoft Corp
sandy espinoza -
Satya S. Sahoo PhD Student - LSDIS Lab, University of Georgia
Scott Mace - Everybody Has a Share
Sean Alexander - Microsoft Digital Media Division
Sean Tyrrell - First Virtual Communications
Shane Miller - Prophetechs Corporation
Shane Snoke Sr. Manager, Creative Relations - Walt Disney Motion Pictures Group
Shannon Lake - Individual
Steven Wolfe Director - Akamai Technologies
Sudha K Varadarajan senior software engineer - Individual
Sultan Ahmed - Surgient Networks, Inc.
Thanva Khouvongsavanh - Telia International Carrier
Thomas Palamides Trade Commissioner - Canadian Consulate General
Tim Carter - Frontier Digital
Tomas Lansky President - clipsplanet Inc.
Ulrich Mikulsky-von Schweinitz Founder - Flirt! TV LLC
Vincent Williams Account Manager - ViaWest, Inc.
will shen - Sorceron, Inc.
William Ho - Reliacast

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Theo Phanos -


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