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[kNews] Join Kendra meet via Skype and AIM/iChat...

Dear All,

If you are interested in participating in the Kendra Team meeting on 
Tuesday 13th September but can't physically be with us then join us by 
audio/video conference. We will be hooking up participants from around the 
world by AIM/iChat and Skype.

- We have Richard Schave joining us from Hollywood. He'll give us an update 
on high definition video content for the Kendra Network Trial. And also 
tell us about how he's making connections with movers and shakers in his 
home town, LA.

- Neil Harris will present the latest Kendra Base developments, as the 
prototype nears phase one completion.

- I'll update on the continuing Real World dialogue and how we'll be 
working with major events in 2006 - building bridges between content owners 
and technology creators.

To join the meeting by a/v conference simply enter your AIM/iChat and/or 
Skype details into your profile area here:

And also register for the meeting by clicking on the link further down this 

And Send me an email stating how you'd like to connect to the meeting. 
We're very open to other suggestions for a/v systems - so let us know if 
you want to use another type and we'll try and accommodate you.

If you are attending the meeting in physical form then bring along your 
laptop crammed full of a/v conference software. In particular we are 
interested in Apple laptops running Tiger (OS X 10.4) so we can do 4 way 
video chats.

Now this will be real fun! ;-)

Cheers Daniel

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