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[kNews] World Tour: Japan and W3C conference...

Dear All,

Welcome to the first Kendra newsletter of 2005. I hope your year is going 

As part of my world tour I will soon be arriving in Japan where I will 
attend the annual W3C conference taking place in Chiba, 11th to 13th May. 
I'd like to get the most out of attending. So, any suggestions on who I 
should seek out or what sessions I should attend or any other ideas 
beneficial to Kendra would be greatly appreciated. I will be demonstrating 
our Kendra Base prototype as much as I can.

Also, if you have any other contacts in Japan, that you think I should be 
paying a visit to, then please do suggest away. And if you can make the 
introduction then all the better.

For more information on the conference and my movements see:

For suggestions feel free to email me or work on the wiki page (the URL 
just above).

I am currently in Australia and would also be happy to meet with people in 
Sydney in the next few days.

W3C are the people that maintain standards for the world wide web. They are 
working on an 'upgrade' called semantic web that shares many of the goals 
of Kendra.

Finally, if you would like to sponsor my travel and accommodation for the 
conference then let me know.

Looking forward... ;-)

Cheers Daniel

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