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[kNews] Seeking project managers/developers for hire...

Dear All,

Kendra Foundation is looking to hire project managers/developers to build 
Kendra's collaborative design tools. An understanding of the free (open 
source) software community and the ability to discuss issues in the open 
are essential. If you are a project manager/developer or know of project 
managers/developers please direct yourself or themselves to:


Over the coming weeks I am going to get this message out to as many lists 
and websites as I can. The project plan for these tools is really coming 
along and we have some first rate ideas that, when combined, will provide 
us with a incredibly useful and powerful resource. If you can help spread 
the word in any way then please do so and/or help provide ideas.

- TV Meets the Web endorsed: last minute info

In Van's own words...

Fifth Annual TV Meets the Web Seminar: The Path to Profitability
15-16/5/2003 - Royal Tropical Institute, Amsterdam, Netherlands - Van 
Dusseldorp & Partners

"Digital Media: The Path to Profitability" is the leading event in the 
European business calendar that focuses purely around the developments, 
issues and trends effecting the digital media industry. This year's seminar 
will re-visit the most relevant issues addressed over the years while 
incorporating Van Dusseldorp & Partners' recent research on major industry 
developments: namely SMS TV, content billing, digital rights management and 
multi-platform content concepts.

You'll find the link to the event at:

A nice short one for a sunny day, eh?! ;-)

Cheers Daniel

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