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Re: [kGen] Single European Market plan for online content

Gordon, All, 

just for your information. Leonardo Chiariglione posted some thoughts
about the EU Communication - see [1] and [2].


[1] http://www.chiariglione.org/contrib/080105chiariglione01.asp
[2] http://www.chiariglione.org/contrib/080105chiariglione02.asp

"Gordon Rae" <gordon.rae@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

>    An important announcement for Kendra members in Europe, or selling
>    into Europe. The Commission will make recommendations by the middle of
>    2008 on new ways for achieving a single online market for 500 million
>    potential consumers worth 8.3 billion euros.
>    On Thursday 3rd January, the European Commission adopted a
>    Communication on Creative Content Online which launches further
>    actions to support the development of innovative business models and
>    the deployment of cross-border delivery of diverse online creative
>    content services.
>    The transfer of creative content services to the online environment is
>    an example of major systemic change. Building on the results of the
>    consultation process which took place in 2006, while complementing the
>    initiatives already undertaken in the context of the i2010 strategy,
>    the Commission intends to launch further actions to support the
>    development of innovative business models and the deployment of
>    cross-border delivery of diverse online creative content services.
>    The Commission deems that there are four main, horizontal challenges
>    which merit action at EU-level:
>    Availability of creative content
>        - Lack of availability of creative content for online distribution
>        and lack of active licensing of rights on new platforms remain
>        major obstacles for the development of online content services.
>        Since online content is a nascent market, the value of new forms
>        of distribution is sometimes still unknown. This results in major
>        difficulties in settling terms of trade for online exploitation of
>        creative content. Most of the difficulties related to availability
>        of content are considered as inherent to emerging markets, and
>        stakeholders are expected to find innovative and collaborative
>        solutions to exploit content online and prevent or remedy
>        bundling, exclusivity or non-use of media rights .
>        Multi-territory licensing for creative content
>        - The online environment allows content services to be made
>        available across the Internal Market. However, the lack of
>        multi-territory copyright licences makes it difficult for online
>        services to fully benefit from the Internal Market potential.
>        While it is first for right holders to appreciate the potential
>        benefits of multi-territory licensing, there is a need to improve
>        the existing licensing mechanisms to allow for the development of
>        multi-territory licensing mechanisms.
>        Interoperability and transparency of Digital Rights Management
>        systems (DRMs)
>        - Technologies allowing management of rights in the online
>        environment can be a key enabler for the content sector's digital
>        shift and for the development of innovative business models -
>        especially with regard to high value content. As lengthy
>        discussions among stakeholders did not yet lead to the deployment
>        of interoperable DRM solutions, there is a need to set a framework
>        for transparency of DRMs regarding interoperability, by ensuring
>        proper consumer information with regards to usage restrictions and
>        interoperability.
>        Legal offers and piracy
>        - Piracy and unauthorised up- and downloading of copyrighted
>        content remains a central concern. It would seem appropriate to
>        instigate co-operation procedures ("code of conduct") between
>        access/service providers, right holders and consumers in order to
>        ensure a wide online offer of attractive content,
>        consumer-friendly online services, adequate protection of
>        copyrighted works, awareness raising/education on the importance
>        of copyright for the availability of content and close cooperation
>        fight piracy/unauthorised file-sharing.
>    The market for online creative content is emerging and developments
>    take place at a rapid pace. This calls for a twofold approach to deal
>    with already identified challenges that need to be addressed quickly,
>    and to launch further discussions on some of the existing and
>    forthcoming challenges. Therefore, this Communication is launching a
>    focused public consultation in preparation for the adoption of a
>    Recommendation on Creative Content Online by the Council and the
>    European Parliament, and is creating a stakeholders' discussion and
>    cooperation platform, the so-called "Content Online Platform", to
>    initiate the work on forthcoming challenges.
>    All stakeholders are invited to take position on the elements listed
>    in the Annex to the Communication by 29/02/2008.
>    http://ec.europa.eu/avpolicy/other_actions/content_online/index_en.htm
>    Regards
>    Gordon Rae

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