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Re: [kGen] DMP General Assembly in London - Meeting with Kendra Participants?

Hi Leonardo,

That sounds great. When you have a confirmation of time and space let me know and I'll put it into the new year's Kendra newsletter. I'm assuming this would be an open invite for all Kendra participants.

Cheers Daniel

On 24/11/2007 02:14 Leonardo Chiariglione wrote:
Hi Daniel, Friday morning is good timing. Let's work on the
assumption that we will have an event in that time frame. I am also
checking with the host Panos Kudumakis that it is OK to have a larger
event on Friday morning Leonardo

Leonardo Chiariglione, Ph. D. Digital Media Strategist http://www.cedeo.net/

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London - Meeting with Kendra Participants?

It just so happens that P2P-Next is having it's first meeting in
Helsinki from Monday 21st January through to Wednesday 23rd January
2008. I'll be returning to London either on Wednesday evening or
Thursday. So, I reckon being at GA17 on Friday morning is a safe bet
for me.

I could possibly be there on Thursday but it just a bit tight. It all
 depends on how the meeting schedule gets put together over next few
months, flight times and so forth. So, put me down for Friday

I'd very much like to get an overview of your Interoperable DRM
Platform too.

It definitely makes sense to bridge build here.

Thanks for the heads up and look forward to it.

Cheers Daniel

On 23/11/2007 03:20 Martin Springer wrote:
Dear Daniel, All,

The 17th General Assembly (GA16) of the Digital Media Project will
be held on 2008/01/23-25 at

Centre for Digital Music Mile End Road, London E1 4NS United
Kingdom http://www.elec.qmul.ac.uk/digitalmusic/index.html

The meeting will be held from Wednesday, 23rd January 2008 through Friday, 25th January 2008. [1]

On a DMP mailing list we discussed that it makes sense to meet some
 organizations that have similar goals (Interoperable Digital
Media) in the context of our membership gathering. We might have a
chance to explain our Chillout [2] Interoperable DRM Platform

Do you see any chance for a meeting in London during GA17?

yours sincerely, Martin Springer

[1] http://www.dmpf.org/project/ga17/index.html [2]