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[kGen] re: chairperson

>> Of course the right choice of chairperson would be important (although it
>> doesn't always have to be the same person), but I do think it would help to
>> maintain progress as the project continues.
> Yeh... Hmmm... The right choice of chairperson... How will we know? Could
> you elaborate on what functions need to be carried out by the chairperson?
> You've said what the aims are for a chairperson but, right now, the vision
> I have of them is a bit of an amorphous blob (as Spock would say) and what
> would really help, I think, is if we could start to bring some
> form/solidification to the role/actions of the chairperson.

Well, let's talk by reference to the last meeting. The chairperson might
help you out in terms of introducing and structuring the day's events.

When it comes to fielding different ideas from contributors I would expect
the chairperson to be fairly strict, let's say in the same way as the
speaker of the House of Commons might be. Each idea or suggestion from each
contributor needs to get some airtime, the quieter members of the group need
to have their opinions listened to, and the more vocal members might need to
be silenced from time to time!

To some degree the chairperson also needs to drive forward the progress of
meetings, ensuring that the objectives for each meeting are achieved.

What I fear is that in two years we could still be talking amongst ourselves
and not actually getting things done. I would hope to nominate someone with
the kind of personality that draws the best out of all contributors.

tHiNgs aRe gOiNg tO chANge aRouNd hEre...