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Re: [kGen] Dear All

Hi Paola and All,

At 15:04 29/10/01 +0000, cweditor wrote:
>There is a huge task ahead of everybody in the content industry and surely
>exciting things will happen

Agreed! ;-)

>Let me know if there is anything else that we can do that does not require

For someone with no "brainspace" left you are still one of our most active posters. There must be hope for us all yet! ;-) But, alas, I fear that really what Kendra needs *is* brainspace. It has to be thought about before we can create it...

>Below a press release that I wish someone could comment ont. I am not sure
>if everybody agrees with the stats below.

I would really find it helpful if you were to say a few words to place the press release in context of Kendra so that I can understand better where you're coming from and the reasons behind your post and why you think it relates to Kendra.

Generally, for press releases or articles please include the website address and avoid quoting the whole piece. Reasons: it keeps emails compact and more easily readable; allows us to directly verify information at source; avoids any possible complication with copyright legal issues - "Kendra Initiative" is not currently a legal entity - sure, this needs to change. However, right now I (and you?) am not protected by limited liability. So, I am even more mindful to avoid any possible risks. Please do help me sleep better at night...

>I'll take this opportunity to
>extend An invitation to Kendra parts who wish to write for content wire we
>don't pay - yet - but split any syndication revenues 50/50 with authors.

I know there's a real temptation to plug one's company here but please do stick to Kendra as the topic. People have joined these lists to talk about Kendra. Other stuff happens elsewhere. What I ask is, if everyone did it on-list would it assist with the creation of Kendra? That's been my ideas behind producing the guidelines. Go on, treat yourself, and have a look at:

All: I hope you don't think me harsh (let me know on-list) for making these comments on-list but I feel this is a learning experience for all of us (I know I'm learning lots (too much! ;-)) and so it's better shared. I'd expect no less from any other participant...

>File sharing over the Internet drops by nearly 50% since Napster boom

And so (!) to the press release - which you can see here:

In some ways I think "so what". Honestly. Does it matter? Is there impact on what we're doing within Kendra? For me, if people are indeed sharing less then that could be down to so many reasons and doesn't lesson the desire, which we all share, for a Kendra-type system. What do you think?

With so little information on how they gathered their statistics one is left wondering... It's interesting, however, if you take a look at CNET downloads:

Bear in mind that CNET's only one of many places that people can download these file-sharing applications and so is only merely indicative of downloads.

Perhaps people have downloaded enough music to last them for a while and now they're listening to the darn stuff! Shock horror! Kendra Initiative press release states that people may actually be listening to their music collections music! ;-)

Cheers Daniel