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RE: [kGen] Call for speakers: Kendra convergence workshop 22/10...

Paola and all, No need to be sorry. Actually, it's really good you mentioned it because, I suspect, it's one of the big hurdles we have to get over, here on planet Kendra, if we want convergence to happen. We've got to be able to open up. To talk about what we want, where the problems are and what the solutions might be. But closed mentality is ingrained in our very way of life. Interesting, eh?

I've listed you as a speaker on the meeting invite page. Your topic being "the way forward for digital rights management".

>I'll be happy to work on a short presentation to focus on the role of DRM
>within the Kendra Organisation, if that's what you mean.

Yup, within "the Kendra system".

>In order to do that factually...

Do you have to do it factually? Is it possible to base the presentation on desire? After all, isn't Kendra just something that we all desire to happen?

>- brief points to define DRM and its functions

That would be useful in layman's terms. I mean so a consumer could understand.

>- Kendra Members are either content providers or content consumers or both

Kendra "Participants" (there's no membership as such - so I don't use the word) come from many walks of life. The content value chain is a long and twisted thing. You can see a cross section (those people who are happy to expose themselves) on the Participate page.

>- How are individual Kendra Members handling DRM at the moment
>- Is there any DRM technology producer among Kendra members?

There's a list of people on this kGen list on the Lists page. So you can tell from there. But could it be more a case of going out and getting the DRM people to come in to Kendra (and attend the meeting)?

>- Can Kendra develop an integrated DRM interface for all members?

Do you mean is such a thing possible or are we capable? But isn't this all more a case of: do we want it? And if we do, let's say that and then describe what it is that we want.

>- (tentative model of a shared architecture)

Hey, cool, that sounds really groovy!

>- Can Kendra develop an integrated DRM interface that its members can use
>for their organizations (independently from their relationship with Kendra)

We have to make it clear that Kendra Initiative is not a trade association. It has no "members" but participants. The sole purpose of Kendra Initiative is to build the Kendra system. What exactly the Kendra system is we are defining here. But the goal is clear. The end result has to satisfy "I want what I want, when I want and I want to pay for it". So, whatever works.

Should all results be available to anybody to use without charge or hindrance?

Should all discussion about and creation of such a system be open to anybody to participate without charge or hindrance?

>- Can and does Kendra want to invite DRM technology companies to customize
>their existing technology to provide either the interfaces in question and
>work on a model for Kendra and/or its member?

I'll leave that one to you.

Cheers Daniel