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[kGen] RE: Space on Streaming Media Stand for Kendra Initiative?...

Hi Alex et al,

>Astream.net would be happy to provide space for Kendra on our stand at the
>Streaming Show this year as well. We have twice the size space as last year.

Great stuff! Any chance of you printing out a few "Kendra - An Introduction" docs too with you as sponsor? Go on, you deserve it!

What number is your stand so I can publicise the fact??

>Please let me know how many people can work the stand.

You just asked. If no one replies then at least I'll be there when I'm not talking or otherwise networking. I'm sure there'll be other people around too.

>Also what kind of marketing banner etc.. you will be bringing.

Oh, do get real! Do I look like the kind of guy that's ever going to produce anything other than a b/w A4 printout from word?! ;-)

If any body else wants to produce something more creative/professional then feel free, by all means.

>We will be mainly pushing our Streaming Media Hosting and Encoding services.

Sounds like The Fast Show! ;-)

Cheers Daniel