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[kGen] RE: Space on Streaming Media Stand for Kendra Initiative?...


Astream.net would be happy to provide space for Kendra on our stand at the
Streaming Show this year as well. We have twice the size space as last year.
Please let me know how many people can work the stand. Also what kind of
marketing banner etc.. you will be bringing.

We will be mainly pushing our Streaming Media Hosting and Encoding services.


/\lex \/\/olfe
Managing Director
Astream Ltd
020 7681 8282
07790 900 927

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From: Daniel Harris [mailto:daniel@xxxxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Tuesday, October 09, 2001 11:34 AM
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Subject: Space on Streaming Media Stand for Kendra Initiative?...

Hi there All,

Does anybody have space on their stand at Stream Media Europe? To act as a
focal point for people wanting to talk the Kendra talk and walk the Kendra

Also, it would be good if said volunteer could print up a few "Kendra - An
Introduction" documents. Of course they could put "printing sponsored by"
their company if they wanted to.

Last year Alex Wolfe of Astream did the honors.

If you are interested then please reply to this on the kGen list and not to
me directly.

Cheers Daniel

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