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RE: [kGen] Call for speakers: Kendra convergence workshop 22/10...

Dan et al
Sorry my message and request to keep the presentation discuss off list is
silly, apologies
I just thought because some of the work I am doing I am hoping to sell - I
am working towards revenue building -
And despite the fact that I am working on small niches occasionally I get
paranoid that people will steal my ideas.
Forgive me.

I'll be happy to work on a short presentation to focus on the role of DRM
within the Kendra Organisation, if that's what you mean. In order to do that
factually, I may need to circulate a short questionnaire to Kendra Members,
Work on the answers and go and fetch relevant information  where I find it
(the industry Generally)

Please everybody help me define the scope of the presentation above by
sending a few words
That can help me construct the topic,

And comment the notes below

The role of DRM within the Kendra initiative

- brief points to define DRM and its functions
- Kendra Members are either content providers or content consumers or both
(questionnaire will help define that)
- How are individual Kendra Members handling DRM at the moment
- Is there any DRM technology producer among Kendra members? (If so get in
touch and we work at this presentation together)
- Can Kendra develop an integrated DRM interface for all members?
- (tentative model of a shared architecture)
- Can Kendra develop an integrated DRM interface that its members can use
for their organizations (independently from their relationship with Kendra)
If so, an outline of the application
- Can and does Kendra want to invite DRM technology companies to customize
their existing technology to provide either the interfaces in question and
work on a model for Kendra and/or its member?

Please let me know if the above is what you had in mind, and expand, and







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Hi Paola (and All),

Sounds cool. I'd be very interested in looking at how we are going to bring
Kendra into existence in terms of one of the topics you suggest. For
example, one of the aims of Kendra is to allow a content consumers to have
one convenient interface/application to all of this global content space.
That's what they want so let's give it to them and let them pay!

But does giving consumers their one interface make DRM difficult? Perhaps
there needs to be a standard API for DRM to interface to consumer content
applications. So that, no matter what application the consumer uses and no
matter what DRM the content owner uses everything will still talk to each
other seamlessly. How do we achieve that?

We are looking for presentations that outline where we are now and what the
current problems are, and where we want to get to (the Kendra system) and
what solutions we need to put in place for it to happen. The solutions may
look more at business practise than technology - so keep that imagination

Could you do something on DRM along those lines?

I would prefer to keep all discussion on list. Please see the guidelines
for my reasons. If you want to keep things confidential then best not to
say them at all. ;-)

It's going to be a good one! ;-)

Cheers Daniel

At 14:52 08/10/01 +0100, Editor wrote:
 >HI Daniel
 >I have a string of short technology focused presentations on
 >Various aspects of crucial content technologies other than delivery
 >(cm, dam, drm, categorization, catalogs and of course xml)