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RE: [kGen] Call for speakers: Kendra convergence workshop 22/10...

HI Daniel
I have a string of short technology focused presentations on
Various aspects of crucial content technologies other than delivery
(cm, dam, drm, categorization, catalogs and of course xml)

Would be happy to knock togetherbsomething customized to keep Kendra
participant interested
Focus is discussing key aspects of business and technology integratrion f
My presentation are on technical topics but aimed at business people (not
Will discuss topics in detail but only confidentially, not on list
Get in touch if you need a presentation






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Hi there All,

So far we have the following confirmed speakers:

Daniel Harris - Currently Unemploy(ed/able) - GB
Justin Keery - Individual - GB
Nick Ogden CEO - WorldPay plc - GB
Stacey Pogoda - Middlesex University - GB
Toby Slater - Toby Slater - GB

But we're looking for more...

We're looking for short, sharp, snappy presentations on various issues of
convergence - namely: metadata/XML content tagging, content delivery
networks and ISPs, Internet payment systems, non-profit organisational
structures, human interface design for multimedia player applications,
content owners/aggregators, rights management, etc. Open to ideas...

We will be having presentations in the morning and breaking out to
workshops in the afternoon. We want to see outlines of problems and then
suggested solutions. The former is no good without the latter!

You would get 15 to 30 minutes depending on how much time you want and how
many people accept the invitation to speak. We will have a computer and
projector if you need it. But the emphasis would be on concise, punchy
information download.

The theme of the meeting is "convergence" and we will be looking at
problems and solutions across the whole content value chain - from consumer
to content owner/aggregator with service providers stuck in the middle. The
audience will be from a cross section of industries: from content
owners/creators/aggregators to ISPs, CDNs and payment service providers.

If you are interested then please reply to this on the kGen list and not to
me directly.

You can really tell when a meeting is going to be cutting edge when the
agenda gets built 2 weeks before the event! It's coming together very
nicely. So, be prepared for a roller coaster! ;-)

Cheers Daniel

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