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[kFW] DRM free songs

Hi Steve,
         I wish I had more time to contribute to Kendra and report more
of the information I obtain through various music industry news
services, conferences I attend and people I meet through trade
association activities. I've been at Popkomm the last two years and some
of what is evolving in Germany springs from various panels that took
place there.

One of the first to suggest DRM had no future (Big labels are f*cked,
and DRM is dead http://www.theregister.co.uk/2006/11/03/peter_jenner/)
was Peter Jenner (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peter_Jenner) and whilst
he was the subject of some ridicule at the time some of what he
suggested is coming to pass time will show if his other ideas will come
to pass. His views on what is wrong with the music industry and how it
needs to change are always interesting when ever we get time to meet and

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I spend a lot of in Germany with music business colleagues and having
come back from there its interesting to watch what's happening regarding
DRM. Its something I've mentioned here before but the German consensus
to be that DRM will simply vanish, few new releases even from some of
majors are now DRM'ed it seems.


 On 20/2/08 18:59, "John Corr" <john.corr@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> company run by Jon Lech Johansen, the techie guy known for hacking
> digital rights management technology, most notable the encryption
> that limit what countries DVDs will play in, has launched a new bit of
> software which converts music (and other digital) files so that they
> will play on any digital music player - ie so encrypted AAC files
> from iTunes can be converted to play on devices other than the iPod.
> Such technology has been about before, of course, most notably Real's
> Harmony system, though Johansen's DoubleTwist is meant to be very easy
> to use, and will also convert music files for use on mobile phones and
> games consoles. Whether Apple will now alter its DRM to stop
> from being able to  convert their AAC files, as they did with Harmony,
> remains to be seen.
> Such conversion systems will become less relevant in the music space,
> course, as more and more labels and download stores start selling
> And of course you can always do the 'burn to CD and re-rip as MP3'
> that has always rendered all DRMs useless.
> Regards
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> Banking information should NEVER be disclosed to anyone unless you
> them
> and have independent verification of their probity.
> Read up on robots.txt to deny *.all or whatever it is to stop all
> behaved] search robots from indexing pages, directories or sites.  But
> of
> course "criminal robots" won't be well behaved will they?
> Congratulations on the potential investment Daniel -- you are right
> to
> let trivia over payroll slurp you into the mire!  I respectfully
> as
> you have made an executive decision covering at least 400 EUR per
> that
> this correspondence be closed ;-))
> Scott
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> My aim is to get everything going through Kendra Foundation's bank
> account online and in as real time as is feasible for members to view
> - ie it may be advisable to keep it out of Google's reach for some
> reason behind a login - but signing up as a member will always be
> easy and free. I can't say what will be happening with others in P2P-
> Next but, as I've always said, Kendra Foundation's accounts will be
> open to view and comment on:
> http://www.kendra.org.uk/wiki/wiki.pl?KendraModusOperandi
> It's just taking time because I want to get the whole operation to be
> as automated as possible.
> Cheers Daniel
> On 20 Feb 2008, at 12:01, Gordon Rae wrote:
>> I appreciate Chris's humour, but Gavin is right. This project is
>> going to
>> spend 19 million Euros of taxpayers money, and it will need to be
>> managed in
>> a transparent and audtable way.  PAYE calculations are a small part
>> of a
>> much bigger picture, which isn't being published to this list or on
>> the
>> Kendra wiki, as far as I can tell.
>> Gordon
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