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RE: [kFW] Disney cartoon lambasts evil music-sharing

Rupert, thanks for your email. No need to be sorry at all mate.

At 17:09 25/10/01 +0100, Rupert Baines wrote:
>I just thought it was intriguing that filesharing is so well known it can be
>featured in a children's cartoon and be meaningful.

Brilliant! I would have understood where you were coming from if you had said that in the first place. It's important to state why we do things. It really helps.

The next thing to do is question how it can help us sort Kendra out. For example... Kids know filesharing. They're being brought up on it... And in 10 years time, if there isn't a convenient pay-for-your-media system in operation, they'll know exactly how to get the tunes they want another way. We should use this cartoon to persuade content owners to come on board... See? It does help! We can use anything but we have to be conscious about doing that.

And if you think I'm going to try and bend everything that people say on these lists to Kendra's advantage then you're darn right. Because that's what these lists are for and that's what we should all have in mind when we post to them. Use humour at all, all times but use it with direction and purpose.

And, finally, if you think the list guidelines need altering then please go ahead and suggest ways of doing that. People get turned off from reading long emails very quickly and so it's important to keep them as short and concise as possible. That's why I created the guidelines in the first place. Are they any good?

Cheers Daniel