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[kDev] Drupal tasks...

Hi David,

Thanks for your post on the dev site. Seeing as we haven't got notifications on yet and seeing that this list is well established I thought it better to answer here. Perhaps we should keeping discussion on this list for the moment until the dev site forum/group (?) system is up and running nicely...

From http://dev.kendra.org.uk/node/1#comment-1
I'm a Drupal developer from Canada, so I haven't had the opportunity to meet in person and discuss what you envision for this site.

All welcome...

I have read the June 6 blurb in the Wiki. If you can help bring me up to speed on current thoughts and direction, it would be appreciated.

You mean http://www.kendra.org.uk/wiki/wiki.pl?KendraWebsiteUpdate ?

That's where we still are. We need to start working through that document and seeing what can be done and how long it will take and how to implement and what other things we should add/modify. My preference to spec out what we want to do. But the more I see Drupal in use the more I reckon we can just rapidly knock something up and then refine. Then at some point we'll be happy enough to go live. Perhaps it's a case of doing both, building and documenting in parallel, eh?

I only had a quick look around at the current site setup and here are a couple of thoughts...

Server settings:
1/ The server needs an image library installed either GD2 or ImageMagick (with the ImageAPI module).

Done with GD2.

2/ Php memory limit should be set at at least 96M for image manipulation. (currently 64M)

Done to 96M.

3/ Cron should be set up to run cron.php at regular intervals.

Done. Now 45 minutes past every hour.

If there's not already someone poised to act, I'm willing to jump in as time permits.

Great. We all need to chip away at the project plan. A few Drupalists met in London a few weeks ago and we decided it was best to bring over the project plan to the dev site and work with it there. I guess one of the issues is how to create and format it. So far the thoughts seem to be use "Books" (more structured than wiki pages but still collaborative - we need to test this) and "Markdown" (better supported in Drupal?).

In order to install modules etc. I would need full ftp access to at least the sites directory to start. (Daniel?)

We're still looking into this. Could you give me the list of modules you reckon we should have and I'll install them - just for the time being? And we'll take it from there.

Cheers Daniel