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Re: [kDev] Assist getting domain: kendra.org

While I completely concur with the sentiment that $6k is big bucks - I still think that it is worth staying engaged (haggling) with the seller. Why not propose some $ to them just to see?

GR wrote:

This seems really expensive and at the very least you would expect the .com for that money. The $1200 for .net is far more realistic and I would just go for that. No-one really uses the org/net/com differences.


Daniel Harris wrote:
Well, at least the owners of kendra.org are now talking to us. They want 6000 USD for it. If we could get a number of sponsors for this I reckon we could easily get the domain. Which would really be cool for our new Drupal-ised image. People, especially Americans still look at the domain name and immediately think we are just UK focused.

Meanwhile, kendra.net is still 1200 USD.


Cheers Daniel


Thanks for your interest but we're businessmen who acquire domains with the intention to use them for future

To know more about the domain aftermarket, please, see: www.sedo.com
- www.greatdomains.com

Kendra is a popular female name in many countries, we'd not have a real interest in selling it but, if really interested, our best possible price would be USD 6,000 with a quick deal closed through Sedo.com (which's a safe and high quality brokerage service) or we can accept direct payment by Paypal.com

On Mon Sep 08 03:08:55 CDT 2008, Daniel Harris wrote:


I run a non-profit, open source project called Kendra Initiative. We have the domain kendra.org.uk. I see that you have some involvement with kendra.org. I'm sure I could get the members
(2500+) to raise funds if necessary. Please do get in touch with me
to talk about this domain.