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Re: [kDev] Drupal on Debian: What's best practice?...

On 23 Aug 2007, at 13:37, Dave Cridland wrote:
On Thu Aug 23 13:03:10 2007, Daniel Harris wrote:
And also how does one do this using aptitude instead of apt-get? I've read that it's best to stick with one package manager and we've gone for aptitude.

As Steve hints, you're really using one package manager anyway, called dpkg. Both apt-get and aptitude - and pretty well every other package manager interface you'll find - all use dpkg via the apt library.

Feel free to mix and match between apt-get, dpkg itself, aptitude, and even the GUI interfaces like synaptic.

So when this guy:

http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/showpost.php? p=1852942&postcount=9


"No matter which package manager you wish to use, just keep one thing in mind, do not switch back and forth. The three P.M.'s do not keep track of each other; so if you use apt for the first 6 months, and then try aptitude, it will try uninstalling all of the packages you have installed over the previous 6 months. Many a poor soul has made the mistake thinking that aptitude knew what it was doing."

It's not the case?

Cheers Daniel