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Re: [kDev] Assist getting domain: kendra.org


On Jan 27, 2007, at 6:29 AM, Daniel Harris wrote:

Seems like kendra.org has been got by a strange search engine company. It would be a really cool domain to have for us.

What I guess is that this is one of the misspelling vultures. I know that there is one person who has 200,000 .org domain names, all of which are designed to catch misspellings and the like; each of which is tied to a search engine. I understand this gentleman is clearing about $ 3 million USD per year after registration fees. It looks to me like this domain might be tied to kenra.com

(BTW, this is a trademark amateur; no one under advice of counsel would make that statement about trademarks.)

What I would suggest is that you contact the .org management at PRI, show to them that you have prior use of the trademark, and ask that they boot this owner off.

Marshall Eubanks

I've emailed the contact (nomail@xxxxxxxxxx) and got back an auto reply...

If you're interested in inquiring about our web domains, be informed that they're not for sale at any price and under no circumstance at this time, no exception sorry ...

We're not speculators nor cybersquatters, we acquire generic web domains to use for future projects and we violate no trademark ... Only few authorized people know how contacting us if necessary, we hate spam and unsolecited purchase offers.

Well you know me - persistent. Any ideas?

Cheers Daniel