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Re: [kDev] Usability: Login to Kendra and Wiki...

Hi Daniel,

At 1:31 pm +0100 15.10.05, Daniel Harris wrote:
Hi there David,

As per your comments I've added a 'Login' page to the Kendra website.

Also, I've tried to streamline the wiki login procedure. It's still a bit convoluted. The starting point for it is:

Let me know what you think.

Firstly, let me try and say what I think would be further improvements, recognising that the wiki environment may constrain you from implementing these improvements fully.

At the moment there is:
Step 4, which says 'click here and follow steps 5 and 6', then
Step 5, which just says 'now click here', then
Step 6, which says 'click on the complete kendra wiki login button'

So what is really one step has become three. Is there any scope for automating the steps (especially since the intervening ones do not have any branching paths, as far as I can see)? Or for short-circuiting them? This would avoid the frustration that might be caused when the imaginary user is thinking "you know what I want to do; why are you making me jump through all these hoops to do it?"

Secondly, by adding the new login page (as I suggested), there are now two different types of 'login' link which go to different places: - the login link at the top of http://www.kendra.org.uk/wiki/wiki.pl?KendraWiki goes to http://www.kendra.org.uk/wiki/wiki.pl?action=editprefs - the login link at the top of http://www.kendra.org.uk/login-wiki.php goes to http://www.kendra.org.uk/login.php

Suggestion (a): can you change one of these to disambiguate the two links? From my initial poking about, I'd suggest changing the link on http://www.kendra.org.uk/login-wiki.php to read 'edit your profile' or something like that - since that's what http://www.kendra.org.uk/login.php appears to offer

Suggestion (b): can you change the text on the page at http://www.kendra.org.uk/wiki/wiki.pl?action=editprefs to account for users who may arrive at the page from places other than http://www.kendra.org.uk/wiki/wiki.pl?HowToComment - in which case the reference to 'Step 5' will look odd to them (they won't know what steps 1-4 were)? I'm thinking of something like "To complete your login, please go to the [http://www.kendra.org.uk/login-wiki.php Kendra Wiki Login] page". Generally using 'click here' links is poor for usability and accessibility, as explained at http://www.w3.org/QA/Tips/noClickHere

If you can just delete/short-circuit Step 5, as mentioned above, so much the better.

Note the reason for the wiki login convoluted-ness is because we are locking down access to the wiki to only those people that have listed themselves as Kendra participants - this has knocked wiki s p @ m to zero - and that's a big bonus!

I know this problem from running my own wiki. I'm not sure what wiki engine you're running (and I am a very non-technical beginner in this area), but do you know how others using the same engine get round the s p @ m problem?

Hope that helps, David