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Re: Re[4]: [kDev] Which software license? A way forward...

> DCH> Phillip, does this fit with your thoughts?
> Spot on.
Have to agree too. Dave's comments seem about as comprehensive as we're
going to get at this stage.

There doesn't seem to be anything explicit on the Wiki (although it is
part of the GPL I think) to say that the documentation and license for
kendra software should be distributed with it, it's obvious in the case
of the license, but we're sure as hell going to need some documentation
to go with this thing if we want to entice users to, err, use it, and
encourage onward development outside of the kendra foundation, and the
developers on this list.

On the subject, this would seem to be a good starting point for
documenting the API of various parts of the code, it being an automated
API documentation generator for Python: http://epydoc.sourceforge.net/

I could of course be wrong, but then again, I really don't like Python
as a language, so I have very little motivation to check whether I'm
right on the latter issue.

Oh, and as for user documentation, I seem to be writing a hell of a lot
of it lately, so I suppose I could take the lead in writing/vetting/etc.
that when the time comes.

Little or nothing of the above seems to fit into the Wiki as-is right
now, so I'm hoping Dan's going to play nice in response to this email


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