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Re: [kDev] KendraBase update...

On Jan 13, 2004, at 4:40 pm, Phillip Temple wrote:
It's important to let people also distribute binary-only under their own license. They will be outside of Kendra but in a fenced 3rd party zone. We don't lose anything. If it's used people get something they would not have otherwise obtained. If it's popular people will develop an OS alternative. If it's not worth developing an alternative but people are prepared to pay for it then someone gets to make some money and lucky him. If it doesn't make enough cash the owner may decide it's too much hassle and OS it.


All the *members* of Kendra can sell services. There is nothing to stop any of the members becoming the Red Hat or MySQL of the Kendra world. It's a big incentive for people to contribute to Kendra if it feeds them a steady stream of business.

Totally agree with you on these points. The Kendra website should promote participant products and services. So, yes, the website should promote the selling of services.

I guess I'm just keen to point out that Kendra Foundation - the organisation hosting the project until there's any viable alternative - should not get into selling things as it's raison d'être - it's got to keep focused on the Kendra goals.

See http://www.kendra.org.uk/funding.php as an example of the kind of cross matchmaking that the Kendra website could provide.

Cheers Daniel