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Re: [kDev] KendraBase update...

The intention is not to restrict the developer in any way so having them assign code to Kendra Foundation and having them ask for permission to use it elsewhere would not work, agreed.

Remember, all I want the license for is to protect the developers and Kendra Foundation with a recursive disclaimer. If it weren't for that I'd want to issue this code in to the public domain.

I want Microsoft to be able to incorporate this core KendraBase code into their systems with minimal hassle. As a developer are you happy to see that happen if you have freely contributed to it?

Kendra's aim is not to create a world of free software - a la GNU. Our aim is to increase interoperability by minimising barriers, hoops and hurdles.

By saying that we *only* use the GPL we introduce barriers, real or hyped, but either way, barriers.

So, are you saying *only* GPL? And, if so, why?

Cheers Daniel

On Dec 20, 2003, at 4:10 am, Kirit Saelensminde wrote:
... I wouldn't assign code to Kendra, but I might put it out under a license like GPL - after all, if there is some other project that it would come in handy for I wouldn't want to get permission from Kendra to use code that I'd freely given.