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RE: [kDev] KendraBase update...

Title: RE: [kDev] KendraBase update...

My guess would be that if you are paying coders out of Kendra's pocket (whichever Kendra you happen to be using at the time) then you can get them to assign copyright to Kendra - indeed, this is a perfectly normal condition in an employment contract (or other work contract).

However, you won't get volunteer programmers to add their lot in with that sort of condition. For example, I wouldn't assign code to Kendra, but I might put it out under a license like GPL - after all, if there is some other project that it would come in handy for I wouldn't want to get permission from Kendra to use code that I'd freely given.

Just some thoughts...

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From: Daniel Harris [mailto:daniel@xxxxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: 19 December 2003 23:24
To: Kendra Developers
Subject: [kDev] KendraBase update...

Hi there All,

I've contracted Neil Harris a further 16 days (so that'll be 42 days in
total). He will have a prototype and public open source code for the
start of February. Cool stuff.

So, we need to sort out the license. Need your input. The hot favorite
seems to be that all core code should be owned by Kendra Foundation
(developers to assign copyright). And then license under GPL and BSD
and perhaps any other license with a recursive protection clause. For
thinking behind this see:

There's lots of new ideas on the wiki and today I've been playing
around with the KendraBase query builder. See:

Have a groovy festive season and see y'all on t'other side.

Cheers Daniel