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[kDev] Maybe interesting to keep an eye on. (Horde project)


This one with my pure developer/sysadmin hat on...

The Horde Project (http://www.horde.org/) have some interesting stuff in
their CVS at the moment, which is likely to be released in the near
future, which includes its own CMS system, that - allegedly, because
it's undocumented, and I've not proven it with a working installation
yet - allows for their Webmail/PIM/Addressbook/Calendar/etc.
applications to be included as template objects within other content,
which is cool in its own right, but might be a useful abstraction
tool/concept for Kendra, which brings the different inroads to Kendra
data(email, web, newsgroups, etc.) that were mooted before a little
closer together with a common (web) interface, and set of classes for
accessing the raw data.

The CMS system, called Giapeto, uses the forthcoming Horde_Template
class, which, if I understand it correctly is in turn based largely on

I could be barking up the wrong tree, or indeed in completely the wrong
forest, but it just occured to me. ;-)


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