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Re: [kDev] Why KendraBase?... (was: The idea could be good...)

Nice. How about putting the amazon webservices in the site so a user can
search and see items and buy from there?

Looks like we need more XML into this stuff rather than just plain old
"select * from yadayada daba doo" :-)

Arup Bhanja
http://arupbhanja.com/code.htm [see Amazon embedded]

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Sent: Thursday, November 20, 2003 10:51 PM
Subject: Re: [kDev] Why KendraBase?... (was: The idea could be good...)

> On Thu, 2003-11-20 at 16:24, Daniel Harris wrote:
> > Right, but I am not a developer. I'd love to be but it's just not me.
> > So, I need to get someone to develop PN. A volunteer would be great.
> > But I'll probably have to pay.
> It depends on how (non-over)ambitious you are. If you get people excited
> about the project and the spec is clear then you can probably get a
> volounteer.
> > That'll be a waste of time/money but it does depend how quick
> > KendraBase becomes useful, I guess. We'll have a better idea once a
> > demo is up and we can rip-it-to-bits.
> It won't cost any time or money. Here you go:
> http://kendra.progressivepublishing.com/
> Click on the first administration link and start customising it to the
> way you want. It's really easy and intuitive.
> > > Question is: how is what you've got NOW better than plugging in PN?
> >
> > It's not. PN is better. But there is a cost in time and money to get PN
> > up and running. And we have to weigh up if the benefit is large enough
> > to warrant the effort. We have wiki and email lists now but I can see
> > PN does a lot more. It's an unknown for me. Do you feel confident?
> It took me under 5 mins to get it installed and hosted for you.
> > > I'm only suggesting it as an interim solution, and the database can
> > > always be extracted and transformed for importation into Kendrabase
> > > when constructed.
> >
> > OK. Now if you were to say "Daniel, I have PN up and running and I'm
> > happy to show you around, explore the modules with you to see if they
> > fit requirements and answer your questions on it. And if you are
> > positive then I'll either sort PN for Kendra voluntarily or give you a
> > quote". Then I'd say great, let's go for it. What do you say?
> Really, if you aren't prepared to spend a few mins having a play then I
> really don't have time to hold your hand for something so simple. It's
> all installed and ready for you to go. If you find a really nice theme
> then I'll install it for you. If you want me to host the DNS for
> kendra.org.uk (again) then I'll do that too. Not a problem. You'll
> probably want someone else to do nice graphics for you though as I'm a
> terrible artist.
> Phillip.