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Re: [kDev] Why KendraBase?... (was: The idea could be good...)

On Nov 20, 2003, at 5:21 pm, Phillip Temple wrote:
It won't cost any time or money. Here you go:

Wow! Now that's what I call service. Cheers.

It took me under 5 mins to get it installed and hosted for you.


OK. Now if you were to say "Daniel, I have PN up and running and I'm happy to show you around...

Really, if you aren't prepared to spend a few mins having a play then I really don't have time to hold your hand for something so simple.

Now, now, darling, be fair, I wrote that when I had no idea about how long it took to setup or how easy it looks. I guess my experience of majordumbo and mhonarc have jaded me somewhat.

It's all installed and ready for you to go.

Great! I'll go play. Thanks very much for doing this.

Cheers Daniel