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Re: [kDev] Why KendraBase?... (was: The idea could be good...)

On Nov 18, 2003, at 11:41 pm, Dave Cridland [Home] wrote:
... there's little that couldn't be done considerably better by a specialised system - lower applicability, but higher optimization and easier development.

You're right. The point is how do we find out what the requirements for this "specialised system" are? BTW This was part of Pat Gratton's argument. I've been here before. Have you read it? URL in previous email. Regardless of whether it's a "specialised system" or a generalised system (what's the differnce?) we need to know what the specific requirements are.

Can you tell me what the requirements are? What is the database structure? How will you interoperate with every other content business out there? With "lower applicability" you've just lost your interoperability, eh? That's no good then. Who are you cutting out of interoperating with? Who's in? What's the criteria? Unless you can answer these questions then there's lot of stuff we both don't know...

But I think you realise this need to gather these requirements as you posit:

Surely the Wiki and the mailing lists should be perfectly adequate.

And I totally disagree. I think they are wholly, wholly inadequate tools. That's the reason why I came up with collaborative design tools in the first place. Both wikis and mailing lists are hostile environments. Both are prone to flaming and we simply can't afford to expose people to that as it's the quickest turn off in the book. Both don't (yet) allow for structured concepts. Wiki is getting there but demands that users are really self disciplined. We need a much more user friendly environment for people to enter their requirements and organise them and compare them and rate them and... I'm frustrated by much of these email discussion because threads are lost and I have to restate much that I have said before but it's not really in a presentable format. We need better tools. That's the crux Dave. Figure that one out. What's your solution?

Cheers Daniel