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Re: [kDev] The idea could be good; the implementaiton needs some improvement

On Thu Nov 13 15:20:15 2003, Daniel Harris wrote:
On 13 Nov 2003, at 14:15, Phillip Temple wrote:
Originally I though core was setting up streaming media trials,
putting in place experimental software that implemented
content-control, more scalable streaming (multi-cast etc),
content-aggregation methods, alternative DRM implementations and
methods of micro-payments.

Absolutely, those things are still at the core. Because the goal is
still seeing the building of and take up of an "open architecture
system that will provide the entertainment/content industry with a
platform for content distribution and delivery over the Internet and
facilitating revenue generation for content owners/aggregators and
service providers". It's on the front page of the website.

However, after a number of good meetings and trying to get website
applications to talk to each other it became really clear to me that
current tools wouldn't enable us to collaboratively design this system
in a way that would attract the widest number of people to
participating in the design process. I just couldn't see it happening
without too much pain on my part. So, I saw that building
"collaborative design tools" was the first target that would then
facilitate the building of the Kendra System. That's why I'm going down
this road. One leads to the other.

Daniel, how does what's being built *now* - a semantic cloud of free and easy data - relate to a collaborative design system? I mean, I like semantic clouds as much as the next man, but I don't see how they relate to a collaborative design tool. I'm not even certain exactly what a collaborative design tool exactly is.

Incidentally, I have performed that search, and I found 5 documents, all written by you, that mention that Kendra needed them, but no documents anywhere that mention why. I'm slightly concerned that your primary motivation as mentioned above is the ease of your own life, rather than the ease of the folk designing and building this system.

Oh, and I think you're missing a goal from the first paragraph - "find a way to make people *want* to use the system". Without that goal, Kendra is a worthless system.

BTW I learnt to avoid pain after 7 years at Cerbernet. I've done my
stint! ;-/

Yes, and you got paid for it.

I, too, started a company, and yes, it's still going - in profit, no less, and yes, it most certainly is painful. But that's something I learnt early on while watching businesses work and fail as an employee - the employee doesn't get half the pain, but gets virtually no reward either. Just as I got comparitively little reward from Cerbernet when I worked there, but I also got to - mostly - leave my job at the office door. Now I don't - instead, I have the joy of trying to figure out how to keep the company making a profit - and grow that profit - without going tits up in the process, like the vast majority of companies. I'm not complaining either way, mind. I've chosen pain+reward, and I didn't before.

If you don't want any more pain, then fold Kendra now, and bingo - instant pain relief. It's not a groundbreaking revelation that starting off new ventures - of any kind - is painful and stressful. If you don't want stress, get a proper job. :-)