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Re: [kDev] The idea could be good; the implementaiton needs some improvement

Hi Scott,

Thanks for your email...

On 8 Nov 2003, at 16:00, Scott Pollard wrote:
Daniel -- I do recall mentioning once before that sending everything to everybody could be counter-productive.

Yes. I agree. I don't think we're doing that - see comments below.

However, are you specifically commenting on my email to Arup (to which you replied)? Do you think I shouldn't have sent it to this list but to him personally?

I too am lost, and within an ace of disassociating myself from what may perhaps still be a worthy endeavour. The other 1400-plus "subscribers" to Kendra Dev appear to have little to say on this -- is it possible that 1300 or so waste baskets are open to receive every transmission from the list??

First, some clarification about kDev. Right now there are 79 people on this list. Only 2 are bouncing - I'm good at finding bouncers and either getting their current email address or deleting their account. You can see all the kDev list members here:


You can also see a matrix table of who is not in each list here:


Only I have access to send to all the emails in the Kendra database when I send out kNews - once a month or so - so not too much I hope. Right now there are 1639 emails in our database. About 300 are bouncing - I'm not bothering to clean these up at this stage - better things to do.

How many people are actually reading these emails? I'm not sure. I'd like to know. But I reckon there's quite a few just listening for the moment - personally know about 75% of these people on kDev. The main reason for me wanting KendraBase is to have a system that will enable me (and you) to ask questions like: how many people have posted, how many times, who's bouncing, etc. But, of course, KendraBase is covering a lot of other ground too.

Wandering off via various sidetrack notes

Please explain exactly what you mean here. What's core and what's not in your opinion?

and you off for long periods of time doesn't make for a forceful and relevant "business" -- and that was I thought you were originally trying to build.

Well, I understand what you're saying but I like to travel, free up my mind and get fresh ideas in. Should I work 50 weeks a year, full time? Surely a better measure is the results. Do you have any solutions?

IMHO, if it wants to get anywhere, Kendra needs to crisp up, and re-focus.

I don't mean to be insulting but these are really vague requirements. It's like saying "I want world peace" but unless you have any ideas how to implement... how? How? HOW? Give me detail!

Scott, first Kendra is an *us* and a *we*. If Kendra "needs" to do something then that implies that the people in it need to sort it out. *You* are part of that. You have started by identifying some needs. Cool! Now, if you are going to be of any use at all to Kendra then you need to take some more steps to assist in realising solutions to these needs:

1. Specify needs.
2. Detail ideas to fulfil needs.
3. Action ideas.

Do you think that there's some magic going on here? That all you need to say is "we need to make the world better" and it will just sort itself out all automatically? No, *we* need to put in some *effort*. I challenge anyone/everyone to backup their specified requirements/needs with detailed ideas and then actions!!!! The glove is down!

I'm with you all the way about producing two-inch [aka 5 cm in Euro-land] business "plans" which usually turn out to be BTG, but maybe it's time to think again??

You're referring to an email I sent to kFW asking for assistance to get 5M funding for Kendra Foundation. There are 16 people on this list - kDev - who didn't get that kFW email. But we *are* thinking again. As you'll see in my email here:


We are starting a business plan on the wiki. So, I hope to see you input ideas into the wiki then!

Much of my life seems to be spent in bating people to action: "listen dudes and dudettes, if you want something then *you* have to make it happen because no one else will".


Cheers Daniel

New strap line: "It's your choice. It's your decision. It's your responsibility" !