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Re: [3] [kDev] All your Wiki, Blog, Forum, Poll and Email List are belong to us...


It's great having your energy and ideas with us. But I'm in danger of not being able to read/understand your emails. I don't want your effort to be wasted. I want the information you want to express to flow to us and be understood by us.

When you gave me people/places to look at in your previous emails I couldn't find what you where referring to quickly or not at all; and even when I did I wasn't sure if I was in the right place or why I was sent there. So, perhaps possible remedies to this could be to give an *exact* URL when sending references to other people/papers/whatever; and explaining *exactly* what it is about the reference you think relates to what's being talked about here.

Remember, I'm saying this because I don't want your effort to be wasted. You may think I'm being lazy but we all have time constraints. If I had infinite time to spend on everyone's emails then it wouldn't matter. But none of us do. So, the more concise and compact we can be the better. It means your ideas will get read more.

So, if I may suggest. Take your time. Send us emails that give all the info straight away. Let the email grow over a few days, if needs be, before sending them - it's what I do many times. There is no rush. The more you make us work to understand what you're saying the more we'll get turned off and the more your effort will be wasted. Please don't let that happen. Let's keep traffic low but content high. If you want you can read the guidelines:


The reason I'm sending this to the list is that I want these comments to be open to public scrutiny so that I can be constructively criticised and learn in return. Because what I do can always be improved upon...

Cheers Daniel