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Re: Re:[2] [kDev] All your Wiki, Blog, Forum,Poll and Email List are belong to us...

Thanks Dave, but PageLet is different from what Xerox is doing... its very
simple to read a website and convert it into a pic in a different size [see
www.boutell.com/gd or search google for PHP + GD library you will know what
I mean].

PageLet will be more close to what the guys at Ektron are doing
www.ektron.com using XML as a data repository along with database elements
to redeisgn sites or make available parts of a site or feeds or for
different browser/os platforms.

To quote fact, my website logs recently logged UP.PDA/phone browser as a
browser [since I allow people to read RSS/RDF feeds for free with my PageLet
sub-engine rssfeed.php] Someone out there is loading in his mobile phone or
using some desktop DLL to load it in a simulated environment who knows --
and I don;t care.

Arup Bhanja
PageLet 2.0 -- Redefine Content Management

> Sounds distinctly like a poor man's version of one of the Xerox PARC
> Take a look at http://www2.parc.com/csl/projects/enhancedthumbnails/
> There's a browser implementation you can download for free.
> Dave