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Re:[2] [kDev] All your Wiki, Blog, Forum, Poll and Email List are belong to us...

Hi Daniel,

Took a look at : > http://www.kendra.org.uk/demo/ftxt5.php

This is very much similar to PageLet engine I developed at:  [
http://arupbhanja.com/pagelet.php?file=http://someurl.com for demo ] As you
can see every URL within the page will also be PageLetted ;-) so you keep
repaginating through the entire site or even migrate to other sites.

What we can now do is as you say 'Avoid the dross' is to search such
websites and deliver the whole website with the search term highlighted
[different color of text/background using css] or deliver only such lines
that contain the search text. I am already working on a e-learning project
where similar stuff is being done extensively.

The current offering will be to search a given RSS/RDF url and deliver the
results within this pagelet format i.e. within the target site
[?file=http://someurl.com part] we will deliver a hash of search results for
a list of given RSS/RDF urls.

You can already 'read' or 'feed' any RSS/RDF file to your website using the
feedMaker engine explained in detail at : http://arupbhanja.com/ a natural
progression would be now to search the RSS/RDF file for the search term.

Arup Bhanja

> See the interface demo mockup where you can semanticise free text:
> http://www.kendra.org.uk/demo/ftxt5.php
> It crudely shows that you can comment on any piece of text, no matter
> how it's been displayed. That's the idea. That's what I want. With the
> addition of any web displayable object like images too.