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[kDev] Revocation, reification, logging and audit tree...

Hi there Neil,

Just to clarify each user should have their own audit tree and logging. So, every user would be able to roll back their history and navigate their own audit tree. This is a real audit tree rather than the simple redo and undo linear trail...

     /     \
o---o       o---o   o---o
     \             /

In that case wondering whether triple revocation is a low level function as with the deadly triple delete or is it higher up. Where every revocation statement (this triple has been modified) is itself a triple? Because to view an audit tree you need these revocation/modified statements in the triple store.

Or am I completely off track and when you say revocation you mean mark for deletion?

If we're letting triples reference themselves then are we going to need a second table in our database to enable differentiation between literals, URIs and triples?

Just some thoughts...

Cheers Daniel