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Re: [kDev] $5 million USD says we're going in the right direction...

On Fri Oct 24 14:03:18 2003, Daniel Harris wrote:
Hi there All,

Just found a very interesting project called Chandler:


Very interested on people's comments and how it relates to KendraBase.

They've been working in similar areas to me, in fact, hence I'm aware of them, and they of me. Much of their concept is related to general metadata, as is Kendra, but it is leant towards collaboration data relationships - primarily email - and they're very much of the peer-peer mindset, which doesn't fit so well with Kendra.

You might want to look at the GNOME Storage project, a very interesting concept indeed, and considerably more wide-ranging than both Chandler and Kendra. I'll dig out a URL if needed, although I'd get it from Google as I've completely forgotten it. :-) But it relates to Kendra as well, in as much as it relates arbitrary disparate data by adding metadata on the fly and at user request. Very interesting indeed, epsecially WRT how much they actually have written.

In many ways, their concept of replacing the filesystem - and, indeed, the file - is far closer to some of the concepts Kendra appears to have.