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[kDev] $5 million USD says we're going in the right direction...

Hi there All,

Just found a very interesting project called Chandler:


What's interesting is that they have many of the design goals as we have for KendraBase. Primarily I'd suggest we go fact finding as they have a lot of support and many nice ideas.


Some initial comments (I'm still reading)...

They are building a flexible datastore as we wish to. There's a lot of info on their site. I really recommend everyone to get clued up on RDF and semantic web stuff. There's a real big push at the moment. It does look like the future will be arriving soon...

Primarily they're building a cross platform personal information manager (PIM) application. There's a few things I have issue with though. I don't want to use their application. I've downloaded it and no way does it give me a nice feeling. I want to use Apple's apps. I love Safari, Mail, Address Book and iCal on OSX and they're going to be even better in Panther! ;-)

So, I think we're heading in the right direction by producing a flexible datastore that can talk open protocols. Also, for starters we're building for the web and that means no need to download or install anything. It'll just work.

The organisation is non-profit, like ours. They are funded to the tune of 5 million USD, unlike ours. They are licensing the code as GPL and will charge a fee for commercial use. This is good for developers and educational institutions but represents a small barrier for corporate take up. Again I like that we will free issue the code with minimal of restrictions to everyone.

Very interested on people's comments and how it relates to KendraBase.

Cheers Daniel