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Re: [kDev] PHP gurus: quick fix coding question...

If at the top of the PHP page you put the two directives, you can hit
the 'stop' button on your browser and walk away.  If you want
confirmation that it ran, create a file-based or DB based log file with
relevant data that you can check later.

On Mon, 2003-05-19 at 11:01, Daniel Harris wrote:
> Hi Scott and All,
> I should have put more emphasis on the speed of the operation rather 
> than the need for it not to time out. For example if I'm in a Internet 
> cafe in some foreign land and I get that urge to send out a Kendra 
> newsletter I can't be waiting for half an hour for the zspamall.php to 
> fully load with an "all sent". I just need to click send and leave. So, 
> the operation has to be carried out by a non-webpage script, yes?
> Cheers Daniel
> On Monday, May 19, 2003, at 10:44  am, Scott Switzer wrote:
> > @set_time_limit (0);
> > @ignore_user_abort(true);
> >
> > The script will not timeout (except in some cases where the script runs
> > overnight - then it stops at midnight for some reason...)