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[kDev] some quick questions on the tools plan.

been going over the project plan and coming up with some (probably v. simple) questions. I will attach them here, but I will also stick the notes up on my site (http://www.nodalpoints.org/kendra/project-notes.html).

We do need some sort of repository, whether its Sourceforge or our own CVS.

here goes:

LDAP sounds like a good fit, being able to define organisations and members of those organisations. Question, these profiles and later user accounts are they envisaged just for the development project, or are they also customer and content suppliers (which of course could be both).
The email address mentioned later, again if this is just for the system development then not too many problems, but as the potential pool of users increases, we have more name space conflicts.

Calendar: agree vCal style standard (does iCal use this as well?, not sure, also can Outlook read vCal or only its own prop. format?)

Wiki is useful, but needs regular housekeeping to make sure it does not just fill up with comments. Some other shared space collaboration tools might work (for example Groove) but they can be costly tools and not cross platform (Groove is Win specific at the moment and I for example much prefer to use OS X).

List management: Think we can pull together some already existing tools (See the Consume list at http://www.consume.net/).

What would be useful would be some application that could put the two together, those seeking and those with. To start with though a simple contacts page with details of requirements for funding etc. (very much an administration effort, pulling in the contact details for Nesta, arts council, local business development funds etc. what they can/could fund, what they wont, get links to forms etc.)
Look at the work done by SimulacraMedia for firstStageCapital (www.firststagecapital.com)

Is this an individuals account in the system? for user or content supplier? Need to build up a much richer function req. for this.


Events & meetings:
Tie together LDAP and vCal systems, then also link to reports on meetings (Moveable Type Trackback built in, allowing people to 'blog' a meeting and make sure everyone knows about it. This means that we can use the 'blog' to minute and supply v. good reportage on a meet, even if it isn't a blog in the usual sense.

Can we get space on a server? Is Sourceforge a good enough tool (I have not used SF extensively online, though we did use it internally at Accenture). What other tools do we need access to on the development server (Wiki, list management, perl, PHP)?


mark simpkins
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