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[kDev] License of responsibility...

Hi All,

My latest musings on a license for Kendra code go thus... Software licenses (free or not free, open source or closed source, commercial or non-commercial) seem to be carriers of ideas as much as things the user is required to do. kendraInitiative's aim is to see the creation of kendraSystem. We are building kendraTools to assist/enable kendraParticipants to fulfil the aim using collaborative design. Everything we do here can be used as a tools to bring us closer to the goal. The license we use is another opportunity to express our vision.

Thinking logically about this. How is Kendra going to come about? Kendra will come about when enough people *will* it to happen. Most people want it to happen but many say it's not possible because *other people* will never agree to it or wont make the effort to make it happen. Probably because "people are just out for themselves and just thinking about how they can get ahead of the next person and not thinking about the common good nor about sharing resources/information". So, some people feel like the decision is always someone else's. They've abdicated the power to make a decision and hence relinquished responsibility for the outcome. I want to enable those people to "take back" the power to decide and "take back" the responsibility for the outcome.

Licenses generally make legal requirements on users. And if the users don't do as the license says then they run the risk of falling foul of the law. Beyond a decision to comply with the law these licenses don't give much room for users to exercise their decision making faculties nor do they enable the user to take responsibility for much.

So, how can we get users to *maximise* their decision making faculties and hence take *maximum* responsibility for the outcome? What about if we make no requirements (legal or otherwise) on the user in order for them to use the software? We could just explain why we make no requirements and that everything that they do or don't do will take Kendra closer or further away from its goal and it is entirely their decision and hence their responsibility what actions they take or don't take towards fulfilling Kendra's goal. They wont have a choice but to make a choice! ;-) They wont be able to not see themselves as responsible for kendraInitiative's outcome.

Cool or what?!

This links back to what was said here:
"You are in control - You have the choice - You have the responsibility"

Cheers Daniel

Test: http://www.kendra.org.uk/tools1/
Plan: http://www.kendra.org.uk/documents/kendra_tools_project_plan_1.html