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Re: [kDev] He!p needed on the technical side...

Yo Kev n'll...

At 16:40 01/02/02 +0000, Kyrian wrote:
>Dan, et al,
>>  >For collaborative discussion, use TWiki:
>> This is cool but people are using email discussion lists at the moment. My
>> fear is that switching to a pure web passed tool would loose too many
>> people. Email is  a convenient way for people to communicate and we have to
>> work to our participants requirements.
>> We need discuss the features of what we want before we suggest ways of
>> implementation. I've already stated quite a few here:
>> http://www.kendra.org.uk/lists/archive/k-framework/msg00024.html
>> What do you think? I suspect you didn't have time to read it before hitting
>> the town... ;-)
>I made time to read all of it before I went out ;-)

I eat my words then! ;-)

>> Also, and this goes for any application, we need to continue to evolve the
>> way that we work. If TWiki doesn't evolve the way we want/need it to or
>> doesn't evolve at all then we are stuck, aren't we?
>TWiki does support automated notification of topic changes out of the
>box, but
>by default it only tells you when/who/what topic, and URL of things that
>not the actual text that was changed.
>It could probably be rigged to email out the text that changed, or the
>entire new
>text of the topic after the change, but I'd have to look into that.
>Also, it doesn't out of the box support modification of topics via
>email. There
>might be a plugin or something to enable that, which I'd also have to
>look in to.
>So while it brings a lot of new stuff into play, it would have
>disadvantages if
>the above two problems aren't sorted out with it, and perhaps even if
>they were.

Hmmm... Nice one... What I suggested are only hunches to assist in communication and idea development so, I guess, I'm being a bit too demanding straight off. I'll wait until it's up and running before I'm demanding, eh? ;-)

>>  >For project/request management, use RT:
>> How could we use this? I don't think we can rush any of this. We have to
>> spec out our requirements.
>It was just a first impression thing that it could be useful. No worries
>if it


>>  >And for the "peace of mind" element about the website and stuff, well,
>>  >I'm currently configuring the netsaint system for my own purposes(ie.
>>  >servers), and I don't mind if Kendra piggybacks that for remote
>>  >monitoring if you want...
>> And who will get the call? I hope it isn't me!
>I wouldn't mind taking the call and organising it if the thing doesn't

Cool. Doesn't seem to break any more than any other site.

Cheers Daniel