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Re: [kDev] He!p needed on the technical side...

Dan, et al,

>  >For collaborative discussion, use TWiki:
> This is cool but people are using email discussion lists at the moment. My
> fear is that switching to a pure web passed tool would loose too many
> people. Email is  a convenient way for people to communicate and we have to
> work to our participants requirements.
> We need discuss the features of what we want before we suggest ways of
> implementation. I've already stated quite a few here:
> http://www.kendra.org.uk/lists/archive/k-framework/msg00024.html
> What do you think? I suspect you didn't have time to read it before hitting
> the town... ;-)
I made time to read all of it before I went out ;-)

> Also, and this goes for any application, we need to continue to evolve the
> way that we work. If TWiki doesn't evolve the way we want/need it to or
> doesn't evolve at all then we are stuck, aren't we?
TWiki does support automated notification of topic changes out of the
box, but
by default it only tells you when/who/what topic, and URL of things that
not the actual text that was changed.

It could probably be rigged to email out the text that changed, or the
entire new
text of the topic after the change, but I'd have to look into that.

Also, it doesn't out of the box support modification of topics via
email. There
might be a plugin or something to enable that, which I'd also have to
look in to.

So while it brings a lot of new stuff into play, it would have
disadvantages if
the above two problems aren't sorted out with it, and perhaps even if
they were.

>  >For project/request management, use RT: 
> How could we use this? I don't think we can rush any of this. We have to
> spec out our requirements.
It was just a first impression thing that it could be useful. No worries
if it

>  >And for the "peace of mind" element about the website and stuff, well,
>  >I'm currently configuring the netsaint system for my own purposes(ie.
>  >servers), and I don't mind if Kendra piggybacks that for remote
>  >monitoring if you want...
> And who will get the call? I hope it isn't me!
I wouldn't mind taking the call and organising it if the thing doesn't


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