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Re: [kDev] He!p needed on the technical side...


Thanks for your support Kev. I'll try and tell you what's needed...

I have never worked on an open source coding project so I know very little about good coding procedures, structure, documentation, mile stones, CVS, project management, etc. For Kendra to fly we need to have a group of people that can do these things (and code of course). You, with your Kendra developer hats on, need to take responsibility for the technical side of the project. You need to organise your selves, get a leader or go borg and have a spokes person (rotate as required). Hold meetings if you wish. I'll come along if you want me there. You must tell us (this list) what you require - what do you need to know? To kick off here are my first thoughts...

I need to have peace of mind when it comes to the webserver hosting Kendra. Never having to call someone to say that it's gone down. To know that people will be sorting it whatever the problem. To know it will be someone else's responsibility so I can get on with other areas of the project.

I need to be able to come to a team of developers with ideas that need to be implemented and have a discussion on how to go about it - as long as the ideas are any good. Other people (like marketing) will have coding needs and you will have needs on the other parts of Kendra Initiative too - like getting more ISPs and content on the trials. And also you'll come to the rest of us with ideas of your own. It's not just a one way thang.

I've got loads of things I need coded. Have a look at:
I'm seeing the beauty of having everything in a database to increase automation on the website. It so reduces manual labour administration. For beginnings of automating the event organisers and events and discounts see:
At the moment it just sends of an email rather than putting stuff in a database.

I'd love to see beautiful code. Kendra should be a work of art (not a slap together thing). The very interesting thing about this project is that it spans across so many people. It's not simply a techy open source project. It's got a heavy slant into the corporate/marketing/conference world. Also, it's funky with video and music - we haven't even really started to hit any of the media folks for their support yet.

I think the value within Kendra Initiative of being open and transparent and equality will pull us through. So, GO TELL YOUR TECH FRIENDS! If you know other people that can do this stuff. That's all I'm doing here really - trying to get the people who can (and want to).

If we need funding then we'll get funding. You guys and girls just need to take ownership of this. I'm done with doing this piecemeal. We need to get serious about this and get it sorted. We need to have this project scale much larger than it is now.

If what I'm asking for is not possible (or I'm saying it wrong) it's really important that you let me know so that I can rethink all this. That said, what do you think?

As for the Majordomo/Mailman/Somethingelse debate. I think it's only indicative of the problem that my forte is not managing the technical side of this project. I don't think either Majordomo or Mailman really do what we need (apart from the very short term). For where I think we should be going see my posting on collaborative systems over on kFW:

It's great the amount of support this project has received from those on this list and elsewhere. There is so much potential. To take this project forward it must grow and change and have people take ownership of it and be responsible for taking care of it. Share this with me...

I look forward to it!...

Cheers Daniel

At 12:14 25/01/02 +0000, Kyrian wrote:
>In response to the request for techies, I'll help in any way I can on
>the technical side, if the relevant people can tell me what is needed.