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Re: [kDev] He!p needed on the technical side...

Dan et al,

Now this thing works... ;)

In response to the request for techies, I'll help in any way I can on
the technical side, if the relevant people can tell me what is needed.

With respect to an archiving/mailing list system, all I have to say on
the subject is Mailman.

Mailman will do it all for you. Archives, automated bounce handling,
digest mode, web interface for admin/subscribe/unsubscribe.

Suffice it to say that it can handle a 26,000 member list with very few
problems (and ones that it has even then are down to duff MTA's like
Exchange Server), and would handle this list easily AFAIK.

I have a test list running on my own server that I can grant the
appropriate admins access to if it helps for testing etc.

It's also easy to install if you're running something like RedHat,
beacause you can get it as an RPM and other packages...

http://www.gnu.org/software/mailman/mailman.html is the homepage of it.

Just my 2p.


Kev, ex-Cerbernet Support/Sysadmin/R&D/etc.

PS. [ OT, but never mind... ] Thinking about it... are there actually
any "old school" Cerbernetters still involved with it now it's been sold

Daniel Harris wrote:
> Hi there All,
> MHonArc has been removed from the server that we're running the Kendra
> website on. Short term solution: anybody know of an email archive to web
> PHP program?
> Longer term solution (but not that much longer): Move to a new server. Kirk
> *is* up and running at last but it's hosted on Cerbernet and now that
> they've just been sold (yet again) there's a question mark on it and Kirk's
> owner is not sure what to do. So I say best to start from scratch with a
> fully paid for hosted server somewhere like Host Europe or something. Once
> we have a requirement we can take it to Gabriella's marketing bunch and get
> them to look for sponsorship.
> Over the few years we've had masses of brilliant technical help on the
> website but right now it's pretty much me. It would be great to be able to
> hand over all technical management to someone or some people more
> technically minded than myself or, at least, be working with technical
> people on a day to day basis. I need help!
> Thoughts please...
> Cheers Daniel

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