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[kDev] Licences for Kendra stuff...

Hi All,

After all this thought about Richard Stallman and GNU (did you catch it?...
) been thinking about licences for all the code, content/data and protocols that we have and will produce for the Kendra project, website and trials.

So, what do people think? What kind of licences do we need if any at all? Do we just give everything away or do we have to have some kind of control or protection? What kind will attract developers like yourselves? Thoughts?

Aside: people always ask me what does Kendra stand for and, while thinking about all this GNU stuff, it seems there may be an answer after all:
"KENDRA" stands for "KEndra's Not kenDRA" ;-)

I kind of like that because, so many times, just when I think I know what Kendra is, it changes before my very eyes...

You heard it here first, listeners... ;-)

Cheers Daniel